Android Hacking Complete Course free download


Android Hacking Complete Course free download

Android Hacking Complete Course free download

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All the Content shown in this Course  are Only for educational purpose Only Any miss use of this Content is Completely at Your Risk.


Android Hacking Complete Course free download; Hey, welcome to Android Hacking Complete Course,Today I will give you an Ethical hacking full course  and most importantly it is free of cost. In the comments section of this Article you can ask any question on any topic related to this course, I will do it for you. I hope you enjoy the course and Subscribe to our YouTube channel 5G GYAN , and share this post and appreciate my efforts so that they can benefit from the course also. So, Before Download this course you should know about the basic words used in this course  

What you will learn :-

1) Penetration Testing

2) Setup Your Lab

3) Finding Your way around Kali


5) Exploitations

6) Hacking Android Devices 

7) Social Engineering

8) Hacking Using Android Devices

What is Ethical Hacking ? 

Hacking is the process of finding and eventually accessing a computer system or possible access point in a computer network. 

Hacking usually refers to unauthorized intrusion into a computer computer or network Sometimes this is done to destroy the system or steal sensitive information on the computer. 

A person involved in hacking activities is a hacker Identifies vulnerabilities in the hacker system to gain access Sometimes its purpose is to test pesticides and identify weaknesses to make the system more secure, but sometimes a hacker can get into the system. 

A hacker is not an ordinary person Hackers always think outside the box A hacker is more than just a login / logout user Hackers always think critically How the system works, whether the ports are open or not Hacking is not always illegal and not all hackers are criminals While, 

there are tons of companies that give millions of dollars to non-ethical hackers to find and keep vulnerabilities in their systems. So, let's get to the type of hacker Known,

Types of hackers

White Hat Hackers

Black Hat Hackers 

Gray Hat Hackers 

Explanation : -


Android Hacking Complete Course free download; A white hat hacker is a computer security professional who breaks into protected systems and networks to test and evaluate their security. White White Hackers use their skills to improve security by discovering vulnerabilities before finding and exploiting malicious hackers. Although the methods used by both are the same, the difference is that white-hat-hackers are allowed to use it against the organization but black-hat hackers do not use it officially. Or with the permission of the owners of the word Black Hat Hackers Taken from the old Western film, where the good ones wore white belts and the bad ones wore black hats. A black hat hacker is someone who tries to find weaknesses and vulnerabilities in computer security and exploits them for personal financial gain or other misdeeds. This is different from the White Eat Hat Pirates Black hat hackers can seriously damage personal computer users and personal computer users by stealing personal financial information, endangering the security of large systems, or altering or shutting down the functioning of websites and networks. Gray hats pirates gray hats thieves act according to situations like white or black hats. Gray hat hackers do not work with malicious intent, but do so to make fun of the weaknesses in the computer system or network without the permission of the owner. Their goal is to draw the attention of the owner to the weakness and not to use the weakness or weakness of the system for personal gain and then they receive recognition from the owners in terms of some rewards. The Red Hat Pirates are again a mix of black hat and white hat. They are usually at the level of government agencies and highly qualified information centers And usually anything that falls into the category of sensitive information A Blue Hat Hacker is used to check for errors in the system before starting it. They look for weaknesses that can be exploited and try to address them Microsoft also quotes & quote; Blue hat & quote; To represent a sequence of security brief events Script Key is an experienced hacker who hacks the computer system with automated prepack tools written by others. They have nothing to do with the tool code, or how the tool's instructions work They only download and use devices A learner is new to hacking or hacking and has almost no knowledge or experience in the technology and robbery business. Last but not least, a hacker is a hacker who uses technology to spread social, ideological, religious, or political political messages. Usually, most cyber-robbery activities denounce website infringement or service attacks

so first of all we will start talking and learning that what is Android architecture and what is Android security architecture so once we know the Android architecture and Android security architecture then we will talk about various Android application components then we will set up our testing lab before testing and even abilities so once we set it up our testing lab then we will see that how we can decouple and reverse our Android application by using some tools like apktool jeddaks and by using any another different D compilers so once we complete this basics part then we will start exploiting various vulnerabilities and we have a look at various issues like insecure logging leaking content providers insecure data storage and API hooking etc so in this course will also talk about some various client-side issues like SQL injection and once we complete these security issues then we'll have a look at some advanced issues like API hooking that how we can hook into particular API and how we can analyze malware in Android and in the last of this course we'll talk about drozer that is one of the best Android application security auditing framework

Conclusion :-

In Android Hacking Complete course Include Highly practical videos and the course instructor test in his own system so Use this Course as Educational and learning purpose only. We share this course for free so we are not responsible for your illegal activity.

Download links :

Penetration Testing

Setup your Lab

Finding Your way around Kali



Hacking Android Devices

Social Engineering

Hacking Using Android Devices

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