Blackhat Series Part 4


Blackhat Series Part 4

Blackhat Series Part 4

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Introduction :-

Blackhat Series Part 4 ; Hacking can be fun. It's also instructive and to be clear, I'm not talking about the type of hack that was stolen, I'm talking about taking things to the extreme - things. Finding interesting interesting ways to fix, open secret entrances, hide B attributes, and so on. "it's significant how you use it. So if you hack with malicious intent, it's bad, but it makes your character rather than hacking Demonstrates. This is why we have so-called "whitehat" and "blackhat" hackers and have multiple gradations. By definition, digital hacking means unauthorized intrusion into computer systems. It also includes an ad hoc solution for some Which is done in an innovative and unconventional way. For example, think of a "life hack", but it is a notorious hack that is more visible. They can do so much damage, so much financial loss, and possibly kill. Also. An infamous hacker, named Blackhat or Hacker, enters the system with the intention of stealing information and identity. Destroying the website between the system and others. Then they can sell your data to a third party, or they can Can store data (they lock it and only give you the key when making payment) to open it, pay on bitcoin Ask for neither, I have seen it happen in many companies. Trust me, if you don't want to wake up in the morning, lock a locked computer with a skull icon. And then there is DDoS.DDoS, when a hacker controls a network of "bot computers" and IoT bots, which can be used to execute traffic-related attacks such as DDoS. The hacker controls this "button" (the army of devices under him) and can then flood the website with only too many requests for information. This can also be done by unskilled "script kids" who copy and paste code from the web. Credit: Privacy Canada Despite all its problems, blackhat hacking is a potentially lucrative business. Blackhat hackers can earn thousands of dollars a year from activities such as the sale of stolen data, ransomware attacks and threats of DDoS attacks - but being the culprit can often be a can. Be a profitable business and can black chain technology protect us from the dangers of blackhat hackers? The community can help with cyber security. It seems that you do not need to be an expert to be part of the cyber security community. All you need high speed net connection.Gladius is a decentralized network for DDoS security and content delivery disrupts the current industry of cloud-based CDN and DDoS security providers, who control their own infrastructure and charge high monthly fees for security. With Gladius, anyone with a computer, broadband connection, fast and available bandwidth can pay excessive bandwidth fares to join the global and regional pool of DDoS harmful nodes. During DDoS attack, this extra bandwidth is used to convert and receive bad traffic. The zombie machine (accepted by hackers) serves as a global content delivery network during the Gladius network "peacetime" or when there are no attacks that speed up websites, online services, and digital access. In other words, you can earn a pass by sharing your extra bandwidth and thereby help increase the security and speed of the Internet. This is similar to what hackers do, but on the contrary rogue hackers use scripts and code to get to the normal users' computers to control them unknowingly as part of a button. Such attacks cost the business an average of $ 2.5 million, so primarily you are placing your computer on a network that ignores or ignores the potential loss of a button.

Blackhat Series Part 4

Explanation :-

 so I'm gonna start off today with the types of hackers and what they mean what they do and where to start for each if you want to become each I'm just a little disclaimer whatever I say in this is solely my opinion and also what you choose to do with this information is solely your responsibility I'm just giving you this information and hopefully you can learn something from it but I am not liable for anything you do with this now saying that okay white hacker is basically the good guys always ethical never going out of scope they work inside companies and they do only good things with their abilities but they're normally guys and women that only went to college for cybersecurity and that's it they have no background other than that and that's all they do and that's all they stick to their normally the ones that only do automated scanning and know a little bit of programming so I mean but that's the ones I've encountered but gray hats are the more skilled they're in between white and black hat so they stay ethical but they do go out of scope if it's worth their time so they may have jobs on the side helping people maybe get email addresses maybe if you think your spouse is cheating yeah you know we'll go in there and break into their you know their cell phone to get their text messages will help people out like that so that's what grey hat is which is not ethical but isn't a sense cuz you're doing it for a good reason even though it's not ethical black hat is they do what they want when they want to do it and they do not stay in scope there is no scope so these guys are the ones that stick at it and they get to it and they get it done and they do not follow the rules whatever works it works and that's just the way it is and I will be teaching you basically blackhat so common questions about this what operating systems to use well you can use anything that you're comfortable with the operating system does not make that the person exact you have to be curious you have to have a curious mind you have to be able to have patience you have to have the ability to not give up okay so it doesn't matter what operating system used there's always you know Linux is the best operating system use because it's open source and you can do more with it but that doesn't mean you have to stick with like Kali Linux or anything like these hacking OSS are just there because it's easier and you don't have to install the software what do I need to learn well you need to have patience again and have a curious mind you have to have persistence and be able to sit down and teach yourself you know you have to be able to do the research again late going back to the operating systems I'm gonna take you through like Ubuntu Kali Linux and actually we're gonna start with like Ubuntu and just Debbie regular Debian I'm going to teach you how to get in there and install you know the tools on that before we even get into Kali Linux because that's gonna make you more comfortable with using the tools knowing how they're installed knowing how they operate what they're how their programs and all that so this is a really in-depth advanced course so if you're just looking to say hey how do you hack this let me know this is not the course for you if you want to actually learn the real thing then this is it so back to it what language shouldn't you learn Python and bash is always the best talk to to learn especially when you're hacking Python is stable it's quick and it's easier to learn and it's but it's grown in popularity you know you can learn see if you like because the Linux kernel is built in the seat so it's always a good thing but I would stick with probably thought in bash and I will be teaching that in this tutorial how much can you make a lot of people ask me how much money can I make starting out well it always depends upon how much you want to learn how much you know I you know I started out at college making one hundred and thirty eight thousand I did that because I already had experience but I had to go to school because nobody would hire me without a degree that was back then nowadays they don't even need a degree brings me to the question do I need a college in college no you don't you can actually just study and get your CISSP which is cyber security it's cyber Oh cyber information security something practitioner actually thank you but if you get that you're good that's all you need it's like five domains and that's your good I know a god that only has a cissp and he has a law degree and he went into cyber security and he makes more money in cybersecurity he makes like over 200k doing that rather than a lawyer only making like 140 150 so how much do I make I'm not going to tell you it's it's up there though I travel license and hacking as well so the more certifications you get the more money you make because the more value you can prove to them that you are anyways is there free learning yes there is cyber e dot IT is a great place to go and I would do that and search YouTube for videos just like the this one how long will this take well this is going to take a good while for you to master it but just be curious and stick with it and whenever you have time like do a bug bounty which I'll be you know pointing that out in this tutorial so just stick with me you know go to it so what we'll all learn in your series okay so we're going to be picking an operating system you're comfortable with setting up that OS to get the most out of hacking like setting up the tool was learning how to install them how they work what language you're working with you know networking like the OSI seven layers of the OSI model routing firewalls scanning sniffing exploiting preteen programming most Python a bash like I said and then real remote hacking okay networks so how to get in using real examples actually they're not examples this is the real deal we are not gonna be using vm's we okay only the real thing using real targets okay I have permission for a couple of targets and that's what we're going to we're not gonna be setting up the ends we're not going to be only hacking within the network that's not real world and that rarely happens you know you have your inside you know incident response and vulnerability management stuff you know insider threat that's fine but you know we're going to be you know how this is a black hat course okay I'm gonna try to keep it ethical but also I want to show you how black hats actually get into these companies okay and I see a lot of courses on YouTube and google they don't show that they only they load up some VMs and show you how to scan the network within the within the network and that's just this boring you know I want to if people want to know how do you get in how does this happen how does it work well I'm gonna show you then imma teach you the frameworks we're gonna go through stuff like regulations frameworks controls like in ist 800 X X whatever like 32 170 153 stuff like that Sox PCI compliance all that good stuff then we're gonna go1 ur ability management how to fund water abilities how to remediate vulnerabilities how to write exploits for vulnerabilities how they categorize vulnerabilities you know how to set them up how they scan for them and everything you need to know that's gonna be a short course because it's not very difficult and then report your findings writing reports how to put all this together make sense of it and report back to the higher-ups and say hey you have this issue this is how you need to fix it and so you know how long it's going to take and this is either critical you know medium or low whatever much much more so yeah I hope you enjoy this tutorial

Warning :-

Blackhat Series Part 4 ; Include Highly practical videos and the course instructor test in his own system So Use this Course as Educational and learning purpose only. We share this course for free and Cybersecurity Purpose only so we are not responsible if you do any illegal activity.i hope you like this Tutorial.

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