Build an Advanced Keylogger using C

Build an Advanced Keylogger using C

Introduction :-

Build an Advanced Keylogger using C ;Hello and welcome back to new powerful Course in this tutorial i am going to give you a a powerful keylogger making Course Build an Advanced Keylogger using C but before download this course Please read this Tutorial Till end so I'd like to talk a little bit more about a keylogger and also why you should be concerned about it.

What is Keylogger :-

So what is keylogger keylogger is a program designed to capture every single keystroke that you make on your keyboard key logger is malware and imbalance in the spyware family key logger locks every single website that you visit every email you receive and send every document you create basically every single number every single letter is captured by key logger. 

Explain Keylogger :-

So before going further let me ask you one question so have you ever been tried to check that what's your friend or another person is doing his computer so your answer is key loggers so key loggers are spyware or surveillance software which we can use in order to track activity of a particular user so the help of key logger what we can do we can record a keystroke that runs the user typing in his keyboard and with the help of key logger we can also take a screenshot of that system so some key loggers are very advanced and they are capable of recording internet history so all we have to do is we just have to install a key logger program inside the targeted system so once we install the key logger then we can monitor all the activity of a particular user and if you are a parent then I recommend you to please install key logger in order to monitor that what's your child do on internet so the key loggers are available for Windows Linux Mac and nowadays key loggers are also available for smartphones even for iPhones also.

Uses of Keylogger :-

key loggers are used for legitimate purposes for example an employer is trying to monitor its employees online activities or a parent trying to do the same with their children for law enforcement trying to gather some evidence but most few artists are malicious and their nature in their sole purpose is to capture victims personal information such as usernames passwords credit card numbers bank account numbers social security numbers and other sensitive information key loggers can be either software or hardware device software and key loggers are usually delivered to your computer just like any other malware hardware keyloggers have to be physically installed in your computer using the key logging device so now that you have some basic knowledge about a key logger maybe we can put it to the test so what is key logger is it malware is it spyware is it software or maybe it's a hardware device or maybe it's all of the above well maybe it's not a bib of what do you think you know what to do leave your answer in the comment section below to learn more about key logger Please check my website as well as my telegram channel @By5Ggyan make sure to follow me on Instagram Thank you.

How to Safe From Keylogger :-

Do you want to know if someone is tracking your keystrokes hackers and cyber criminals could use remote access trojan rat or key logger to track your activity and steal confidential information like passwords and credit card information keep watching the whole video to know how to detect key loggers without any external tool keylogger hides in the users computer and tracks the keystrokes then report it to their makers if there is spyware or keylogger on your system then it should be using the Internet to send your private information to the hacker if you get the list of all software that is connected with the Internet you can identify the malware so before we start press the like button and subscribe to our Channel so we will use the net stat command to get the list of all connections netstat is short for network statistics which displays protocol statistics and current tcp/ip connection click on start and type command prompt then right-click on it and click run as administrator to know what netstat can do type netstat slash question mark you will see the full syntax of the netstat command you to check all the connections type netstat - a you now the command will display all the connections with the local IP local port foreign IP and service you can also know the state of the connection if it is established waiting or listening if you want to know which application is connected to the internet type netstat - be you it will display the application name local and foreign IP address you to know the port number of the connection use netstat - B n you to know the process ID use bn0 you to know which connection is a keylogger you need to look in the IP address lookup manually search by IP address in Google to get a clear idea similarly search by application name to know which application is working as rat to automatically detect keylogger on your system install malware fox anti-malware it is a strong anti malware that can easily catch threats like key loggers and spyware if you have any query comment it down.

Conclusion :-

Master in Ethical Hacking With Mobile Course ; Contain all your requirement materials and it Contain Highly Practical video and The instructor of this Course Test everything in his own system and Network So This Course & Post is Only For Educational purpose And Learning Purpose only. so this course is really good for beginner to advance level of Keylogger so Download this Course and enjoy and make sure to Subscribe our YouTube channel 5G GYAN you can find our YouTube channel, Instagram and Telegram Channel where you will get Daily update that can be very helpful to you so i hope you like this Post and course Thank you.

Warning :-

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Build an Advanced Keylogger using C