Car Hacking course in Hindi free download


Car Hacking course in Hindi free download

Car Hacking course in Hindi free download

Warning :-

All the Content shown in this Course  are Only for educational purpose Only Any miss use of this Content is Completely at Your Risk.

Introduction :

Hello guys i am back with a new course which can help you to learn How you can Hack Real Car yes it is possible today the best thing is This Course is Completely free for everyone but remember this Course is only for learning and Educational purpose only Because this course is made for Ethical hacker I hope you enjoy this course.

Course Topic Include :

1) Introduction the course

2) About authour

3) Whay car Hacking?

4) Is Car hacking Legal Or illegal

5) Existing Research About Car Hacking

6) Into to The CAN & ECU

7) Open-Source toolkits for Car Hacking

8) Which OS you nedd for car hacking

9) Install Kali Linux

10) How to Install ICSim 

11) how to setup Icsim

12) How to Start ICSIM and Learn Some commends

13) Capturing CAN Traffic with CanSniffer

14) The Replay Attack_ Replaying CAN Packets with CANplayer

15) Playing around with the car Signal

16) Taking Over The Signal Light

17) Taking Over Your Speedometer

18) Taking Control Over Your Car Doors

19) Unlocking cars Without car Key with hackrf

20) Where we put Hardware tools to hack car

21) hack hacking with OBD2 Tool in Mobile

22) How to start car without car key with OBD2 Scanner

23) Bones Video (Simple replay attack with HackRF)

24)  Using HackRF with Portapack on a RC Mouse

25) Transmitting voice with hackrf

26) The Car Hacker’s Handbook_ A Guide for the Penetration Tester

Conclusion :

This Car Hacking Course Motive is only learning and Gain knowledge About New Technology and Ethical Hacking so We are Not Responsible for your illegal Activity.

Car Hacking course in Hindi free download


Title: "Car Hacking Course"

Creator: "Sajawal Hacker"

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  1. First of all, i would like to say hello everybody and thanks to 5Ggyan admin for this amazing website full of awesome courses & useful stuff!! =)))
    I'm there since 1-2 dayz & i've found this course i didn't have seen anywhere else but its in Hindi sadly.... Is there anybody able to send me sub-titles in English if possible please??
    I've a friend living in Goa-pradesh but i wont disturb him on FB.. Anyways, thanks ALOT by advance for all your nice threads guyz! Keep it up ^_*

    1. Thanks man..ok we'll try to Add english subsitle

    2. Thank you very much mate! If you need some help to translate some English courses into French language just gimme a call & i would be glad to help you. =))