Complete Android Kotlin Course


Complete Android Kotlin Course

Complete Android Kotlin Course


Complete Android Kotlin Course ;hello guys i am back with a new powerful course about Android application development here we would be learning about how do we actually develop applications for Android.


Before we jump into developing applications for Android we actually need to know what Android actually is so let's see what is Android if I ask you a simple question what is Android what will be your answer some would say it's mobile operating system some say it's UI some say it in middleware some citizen application so what actually Android is from a developer perspective is different Android is a combination of all these things put together these here stands for AB operating system a middleware and some applications operating system we are very well aware of what a witticism actually is now what is the middleware middleware is some six libraries written together that helps or that make it easier for the developer to work on it they are glue between the kernel and applications that enhance and ease the ease of work for a developer so an Android is combination of operating system the middleware and some key applications now what do we mean by key applications key applications are nothing but the applications that are inbuilt in our operating system like for example phone SMS logs camera Gmail things that are already available onto a prebuilt operating system are known as key application then the next point is fully customizable Linux kernel we have been hearing this term for quite some time now Android is based on Linux what do we mean by based on Linux we actually find the Android OS based on a kernel which is a Linux kernel this we will be understanding deeply when we study the architecture of Android in the upcoming sessions but to put them in a very short manner the entire base of Android is a Linux kernel which is very stable and belongs to the open-source community then the rich set of API is what but abs and saw APA stands for application programming interface Android extreme to its top ability from the Java and the existing environments making it easier for the developer to do the work a better already written can be easily used by the developer to develop his own work giving him a edge over other mobile operating systems in which he has to begin from scratch the next point is open source Ness now what is open source we have hard Android is open source we have hard landfills open source but what does the word open source means open source is nothing but a software that is available free of cost can be customized is a is an open source operating system or is it is an open source software then by Google and OHA this you will be covering up in the upcoming slide we will discover what is oh a che and how it is contributing into making Android and how it is working to make Android a better operating system so what is open source first of all open source is nothing but a software that is released under an apache license and is free and there's no royalty to be paid to use that particular software this is the main power of android because there is no fees no royalty to be paid anyone can download it modified as per its own need let's say for example if you are using a samsung phone and then HTC phone both the phones come from same operating system but have a different UI how is it possible it's possible because Android is open source you can download the code and can modify it as per your need now the OHA actually Android is a group of Android is not related to Google or a specific persons it's a group of companies out of working together to make this operating system to make this environment a bit more better a bit Dean and day out how is happening it is happening because of some 80-plus companies that are coming together and forming an alliance to improve this now what are these companies all these companies are software companies like Google eBay then from handset manufacturers Samsung Sony LG HTC all these companies plugged in with mobile operators mobile operators like Airtel Vodafone then AT&T where is on all these companies coming up together with some semiconductors but remember semiconductors do our phone use similar return yes we often we obviously use them a lot our processes our membrane chips everything are based on a semiconductor so for semiconductors we can say companies like Intel and Aaron are examples similar to companies clubbed with the last but not the least commercialization companies companies that help this making and this OS commercial and physically viable from these like advertising companies such companies plug together from the OHA where we actually build this operating system and improve it day in and day out so I think with this you are very well clear what is Android how it how it came up what is open source so this this is the reason why we are using Android day in and day out so to conclude this is very clear what is operating system what is Android Android is based on Linux kernel.

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Complete Android Kotlin Course ; Contain all your requirement materials so this course is really good for beginner to advance level so Download this Complete Android Kotlin Course and enjoy and make sure to Subscribe our YouTube channel 5G GYAN you can find our YouTube channel, Instagram and Telegram Channel where you will get Daily update that can be very helpful to you so i hope you like this Post and course Thank you.

Complete Android Kotlin Course

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