Facebook Hacking Method


Facebook Hacking Method

Facebook Hacking Method

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Introduction :-

Facebook Hacking Method ; Hey guys welcome back to a new tutorial in this video we're going to talk about how to hack Facebook but before we begin this video I want to talk about all the fake information available on the Internet about hacking Facebook there are websites like these which claims to hack facebook account but these are all fake websites it will steal your information instead like bank details and other personal information or it might make you complete surveys which will only base your time so dont visite like that place i will explain the real thing about how Facebook hacking works so Read this Post first.

Explanation :-

first thing it's impossible to hack facebook directly so tell me what do you think when you first think about hacking a Facebook account well first it's impossible to hack facebook directly especially for people like you and me or people around you who call themselves a hacker then you will tell me dude it's possible to check fakes become because my account got hacked or there is someone I know whose account got hacked. why I made this tutorial so you can understand how it really works and then you can save yourself from it first of all hacking Facebook is different from stealing someone's password and I don't call stealing password hacking and we will talk about all the tricks and methods to steal password in the later part of this so why it is impossible to hack fb because fb has lots of developer ok lts suppose somone hack fb then it will definitely come on news and Facebook will pay that person lots of dollar to tell them how it did so that Facebook can patch that security flaw and even if someone was able to hack facebook he will never be able to know your password because Facebook doesn't save your password and you'll be like then how am i able to log into Facebook using my password every time well it's because Facebook doesn't save your password but it does save your password as password hash meaning it save you password as encrypted or human non readable format for security purpose no-one can read that if hack someone account because Facebook never save your password but it saved the hashed password and this hash password is useless hacker because it cannot be used to log into your account let me explain if you try to login your account then fb try to match your pass with the server database saved hashed password and then only it allows access but if you will use that hash password instead to log into account then it will be hashed again we know these wannabe hacker guys are hack fb so i will tell you how he did it the Facebook directly in this tutorial I'm gonna show you four most common and working ways that these wannabe hackers used to steal your password some of these ways only work if you have access to the victims PC or phone and some work without having access to the victims phone or PC and these four methods are first phishing second keylogger third social engineering fourth is spying let's talk about the first method which is phishing well in phishing you create a duplicate Facebook website and host that website server and then you send its link to someone and when that person open and give his details they got error but this information is already sent to the culprit so how can you create your own phishing website so you also download the fb phising script and upload anyserver and make a link and send to your victim that website and you can share that link to the wikked him and persuade him to open the link and enter his information and if it's stupid enough to believe you and he enter his/her fb password so you get your victim id & passowrd if somone send you like this link then dont open and if you open then see that the page looks exactly like the Facebook website then check the URL of the web site starting from the end and it should be facebook.com it doesn't matter see the last two word that should uniq and it should say facebook.com know if the URL doesn't have Facebook com then it's obviously a phishing website also make a basic rule that never enter your login information to the link that somebody sends you this matter will work if your Wyck Tim is really stupid and trusts you or anyone blindly ok the next method is keylogger for this method you will need access to the victim's phone or PC keylogger is a software or an app that is installed on a Wickham's PC or phone it spy all activity whichyou type in keyboard and it saves or sends the data to the culprit so suppose you open Facebook and you type your login information it will record all the things that you type on a keyboard and will send it to the culprit now you can find many free paid key logger software for Windows Mac Android or iPhone you can read about the software and how to install them from Google now how to save yourself from key loggers well the only way someone can install keel over your device is when you give them access to your device so make sure that you avoid that now if someone was able to install key logger on your device anyhow then you in your task manager and remove it if you want to safe from this dangerous hacking then use screen keyboard and that's how you can avoid key logger recording your keyboard activity ok the third method is social engineering well there are lots of technique that comes under social engineering and this might be the most common methods people use to hack your account first is password guessing well password guessing a simple technique where you guess the password like name,dob,place,this is very very common trick and some lucky of us even get success in it so how to save yourself from this well it's simple don't use a simple to guess password something which is in a combination of your public information like name phone number date of birth email address etc next is password recovery method in this method you try to recover the password of the victims account for that first you need to know the victims phone number or email address or Facebook ID you can get their email or phone number from their about page or somewhere else and you can get their Facebook ID from the link like this now then you go to Facebook and then you choose forgot password and then enter phone number or email address or Facebook ID I will show you an option to reset password now if you can get access to the victims phone you can forget and reset password and creat anew passowrd and set two step verification where your victime cant use his own facebook account. you cannot hack facebook account using this method this method used to work and year ago but not anymore especially for most of the people out there .the next method is spy am well spy app won't actually have the Facebook account but it can be used as an alternative to hacking .spy app is an app that record all activity of phone like photos,screenshot ,browser history,contacts,chats you share on those social media like whatsapp & it sends all information to Hacker.

Conclusion :-

Facebook Hacking Method  Include Highly practical videos and the course instructor test in his own system so Use this Course as Educational and learning purpose only. We share this course for free so we are not responsible for your illegal activity.i hope you like this post.

Facebook Hacking Method

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