Hack Any Social Media using Advance Social Engineering Course

Hack Any Social Media using Advance Social Engineering Course

Warning :-

All the Content shown in this Course  are Only for educational purpose Only Any miss use of this Content is Completely at Your Risk.

Introduction :-

Hack Any Social Media using Advance Social Engineering Course ; welcome to the ethical hacking Social media hacking course. I wanted to talk to you before we go any further about ethical hacking now etical hacking consists of two words ethical and hacking now hacking encompasses a broad range of activities generally the act of hacking is having a system any system and doesn't necessarily have to be a computer although most dictionaries or if you looked up the term hacking would be to do with computers but hacking can happen with any system it can happen with time it can happen with word it can happen with Excel it can happen way of making udemy courses it can happen with everything the purpose of hacking a system is making it do something you intended to do rather than what it was designed to do okay so let's imagine you have a lock on your house I assume you have a lock on your house I mean the whole purpose of a log is to prevent intruders from coming into your house that is what it was designed for however somebody can enter if they pick the lock they pick the lock and enter they've hacked it they've basically made the log do what they want them to do rather than what it was designed to do and that is the act of hacking now the ethical side of hacking is that if you're the house owner and you pay somebody to break the lock on your or test the lock on your locking system that is ethical because you're giving them permission to do it so if you want to see how easy it is to break into your house you can pay somebody to do it now this can apply for the manufacturers of all sorts of locks ie cars to test them to make sure car thief can't get into a car so that is how an ethical hacker works they basically are given permission to break into something for the purposes of testing and seeing if it works so ethical means having permission so during this course you are going to be taught how to penetrate systems how to exploit systems are to break into devices and social media accounts you are going to have a lot more Skills than you've got right now so at the end of this course you are gonna have the ability to hack social accounts and do serious damage potentially with legal implications.

Description :-

in this Course i'm gonna give you a social media hacking course to how you can Hack social media passwords and usernames for accounts like Instagram,Facebook,snapchat you name it you can gain a password using these types of attacks now fishing can be done just by using a simple phishing page and sending the link out either by a text or email or you can get a little bit more creative and combine things like a man-in-the-middle attack and then do dns spoofing using a tool like beef which is a browser a man in the browser attack and redirecting the person to it but adding social engineering like with any attack will make it far more effective and we will get into doing all of that later and I'll show you different ways you can make your phishing attacks a lot more effective and it's a good thing to note that fishing is one of the most popular if not the most popular and most common used way that attackers gain access to your accounts so if you want to secure your account knowing how these attacks work is critical and then also big attacks like the Sony hack was done using fishing so very very powerful very very dangerous so with that let's get started we're gonna be using a tool called social engineering toolkit there's many tools that you can use for fishing and we'll go over a lot of them but social engineering come so when a new tool kit comes with Kali Linux so we're gonna go ahead and use that one that way you don't have to worry about installing anything or it get plenty anything so just type set SDT LOL k IP so that's SE toolkit and that's gonna start social engineering toolkit it's made by Dave Kennedy which also makes unicorn which is a great tool used to make Fudd or almost flood payloads out of PowerShell HTA payloads meterpreter payloads and even trojan droppers so let's go ahead and get started with this Social media hacking

Disclaimer :-

 So before we start I wanted to include a disclaimer that we do not encourage any sort of illegal activity we are against it we advise against illegal activity now i will be providing you with the ability to create a canny linux virtual machine which will help you penetrate systems within devices so you can make your defenses impenetrable that is really the purpose of this course to teach you how to hack to have an awareness of hacking and the practice of it and how hackers are able to manipulate people into giving them passwords or giving them information that they can hack people with and additionally will allow you to be able to safeguard yourself understand the signs see when something is likely to happen and protect yourself against it so I hope you enjoy this social media hacking course.

Conclusion :-

Hack Any Social Media using Advance Social Engineering Course Include Highly practical videos and the course instructor test in his own system so Use this Course as Educational and learning purpose only. We share this course for free so we are not responsible for your illegal activity.i hope you like this course.

Hack Any Social Media using Advance Social Engineering Course

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