Huge Collection of Crypter for Payload, Virus, Malware & Ransomware free download

Huge Collection of Crypter for Payload, Virus, Malware & Ransomware free download


Huge Collection of Crypter for Payload, Virus, Malware & Ransomware free download

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Introduction :

Huge Collection of Crypter for Payload, Virus, Malware & Ransomware; So Hey Guys Today I'm going to Give you a Crypter package where you can encrypt your payload,virus,malware but before download this paxakge letme explain first what is a crypter and how that work 

What is Crypter :

Crypter in the sense that people use Crypter to make their computer viruses or detected by the antivirus now I have no expected this but I do know what they are how they work which is it up for this Tutorial to happen first of all let's get some simple terminology out of the web so Gupta's I decided to make programs such as Trojans undetected by anti viruses they FUD means undetected which basically means that the encrypted file is undetected by a number of different antivirus programs crypt is normally based on detection rates on websites such as virus turtle although is bad practice to scan your crypted form virustotal because they distribute samples to antivirus companies these websites will scan your file with a number of different anti viruses around 35 of them so a detection rate of 15 out of 25 would be clusters at FUD now FUD means fully undetectable you can probably guess what this means it means that it has a 0 out for fire detection rate for example now 

How Crypter Work :

The crypted consists of two main components we have the client where you can configure your settings and things like that and we have the stub the stub is the most important aspect of the Crypter the crypto will join our trojan with the stub the stub will essentially cover up your malware making it non readable while encrypted and making it invisible to anti viruses when the file is raddest it will drop the file in a directory and descriptive of the decryption password and run the malware now you may have had once a critter that noticed that it had two files one called stub DXA and the other called kryptonite XE for example however you can have external stubs or internal stubs external stubs will come with an external stop C while the internal ones will have been built into the crypto let's talk about dependences.

What is Dependencies :

Dependencies are when a program relies on something else to work such as a program creates in Visual Basic or C sharp they use dependencies called net framework which you may have heard of so the more expensive Kryptos will have absolutely no depend which means it may be written in a language such as C++ the problem with dependencies is that the victim needs to have the framework installed for the malware to run and let's talk about us G us G is unique stuff generator no file can be you dr fu d forever and eventually you will need to re-encrypt your file to make it fully undetectable again the problem is that the stub is also detected so you will need to the new store in order to make it fully intact it again this is where USG comes in and will generate a new stub these can be built into a crypto or an external component so to sum it up a file [ __ ] to basically mass your malware makes it visible to antivirus programs they will not remain undetected forever so at some point the coop tabouli to a new stop and that's basically it for this Tutorial of explained please remember to Share this post if you enjoyed it and show people you think would also enjoy it remember to Follow us on Youtube,instagram and telegram and Request for the next Tutorial .

Conclusion :

Remember This Post Is Only for your Educatio And Learning Purpose only we are not responsible for your any kind of illegal activity and Thanks for Reading and I shall see you again in the next Tutorial.Now Click below to Download the Huge Collection of Crypter for Payload, Virus, Malware & Ransomware free download

Huge Collection of Crypter for Payload, Virus, Malware & Ransomware free download

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