Interview Preparation Course


Interview Preparation Course

Interview Preparation Course

What is Interview Preparation Course :-

Interview preparation course which helps students and working professionals to prepare for software engineer roles at various companies right let me give you a brief overview of what this course is and why this course is designed it and things.

About Interview Preparation Course :-

Hundreds of students who are attending either interviews as part of their college placement or as part of the transition from one company to other company we have got a tons of requests from students that it will be great if we could if we could create an interview preparation course based on based on our own experiences as interviewers at lots of companies so the focus of this course itself will be on C programming data structures algorithms SQL some basic concepts in operating systems and aptitude because these are the typical concepts that are given most focus in any type of software engineer like interviews again some of these concepts are also important not just for software engineer not just for software development engineer roles but also for other related roles for example if you're interviewing for a data scientist or a machine learning role especially at top-notch product based companies you might have one or two rounds covering programming data structures and algorithms right so the whole objective of this course is to build foundational computer science knowledge amongst our students and also teach them how to solve how to solve real problems right because most companies are looking for these two skills they're looking for foundational knowledge of computer science and strong problem-solving skills right and again the focus mostly is on C data structures algorithms SQL some basic concepts and operating systems and aptitude and that's what we will limit ourselves to as part of this course right so you might wonder where where are the skills useful because I will talking about two types of skills one is a foundational knowledge in computer science the second is the problem-solving skills you might wonder where are these skills useful let's look at two broad categories ations of companies as many of many of you may already know there are part based companies and there are services companies so typical progress companies companies like Amazon Google Microsoft flip card Facebook etc almost every interview that you encounter right and every coding test you might participate before being called to an interview they focus on problem solving skills that revolve around data structures and algorithms mostly you might have a few aptitude questions also in some cases we might have a few SQL questions also but mostly they will revolve around programming data structures and algorithms right similarly even at services companies and a ton of startups nowadays like TCS Infosys cognizant Wipro swiggy etc right many of these companies are also offering better and well-paid and also great work developer rules using coding competitions like code beta and hack with infi TC has conduct something called code Veta and enforces conduct something called hack within fie and they tend to provide good high-quality developer roles to two employees or two students who crack these coding into this coding round right so the skills that I've been talking about like foundational skills and problem-solving skills are important both for product based companies and also more and more important for services based companies similarly if you want to participate in any competitive programming competitions right like you might you might want to participate on computations on hacker rank hacker earth interview bit and there are many such platforms right most of these competitive programming platforms test your skills in one any programming language so we have right now focusing only on C programming language because most students are aware of C programming language right so they would focus on programming knowledge of a programming language data structures algorithms SQL maybe a bit of operating systems and aptitude right so that's why so all these skills of both foundational knowledge and problem-solving skills are useful for progress companies services based companies and also for competitive programming having said that how did we design this course again the team that has designed this course and the mentors that we have have extensive experience they have done hundreds of interviews at some of the top-notch companies like Amazon Facebook Microsoft etc so based on our own experiences as interviewers and hiring managers we have designed this course right this course consists of 150 plus hours of video content and there are no prerequisites to understand the content so visits we start every concept from the very basic foundations from scratch right and as I mentioned the context of the course itself will be limited to see data structures algorithms problem solving SQL basics of operating systems and aptitude as these are the topics that are often covered in interviews for software engineer roles right we will also focus on some real-world applications when we learn concepts we don't want you to learn concepts from a very theoretical drive new point we want you to be able to appreciate the real-world applications of these concepts and for every four see the important skill is just knowing the concepts is not sufficient being able to solve problems is very important so we have a wide spectrum of problems both solve problems and practice problems that we will mark as basic easy medium hard and very hard typically typically again this is not a hard and fast rule but typically services companies tend to focus their questions on basic easy and a few medium questions well top product based companies tend to focus most of the problems they give on medium hard and very hard problems.so we will cover the whole spectrum of problems so that you have prepared both for product based companies and services based companies whichever you think is apt for you having said that we also have a ton of quizzes to help you clear returned tests many of these companies also conducted a ton tests to filter out a bunch of students whom they would take for the next runs so to help you clear these written tests we have a bunch of quizzes as part of the course.

Who this course is for :-

who is the target audience who can actually do this course who will benefit from this course. if you're a BTech or a be a student or a BS student in any discipline of engineering or sciences this will help you similarly if you're an mtech student or a master of engineering student or an MA student in the US or in Europe this certainly this course will certainly help you land into software engineering rules or rules which require the skills in data structures and algorithms similarly if you are if you're an engineer who is working at a services company and want to upskill yourself and move to a product based company or a or a start-up some of the skills that you learn in this course are critical similarly if you're a student who is studying Bachelor of computer applications or MCA or MSC computer science this course certainly will be useful similarly if you are a student course you AV codes or any degree if your coursework and curriculum contains C programming language data structures and algorithms you'll surely benefit from this course.

Conclusion :-

Interview Preparation Course ; Contain all your requirement materials so this course is really good for beginner to advance level so Download this Course and enjoy and make sure to Subscribe our YouTube channel 5G GYAN you can find our YouTube channel, Instagram and Telegram Channel where you will get Daily update that can be very helpful to you so i hope you like this Post and course Thank you.

Interview Preparation Course

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