Udemy Free Courses


Udemy Free Courses

1- Learn Maya Basic to Create Realistic Scenes

what is Maya what can you do with it what's it good for made by Autodesk Maya is a very powerful program that allows you to create geometry and objects to create art to recreate objects to design to animate to create any sort of thing that you feel you might need such as a full seen the general workflow within Maya starts with creating models that create these shapes manipulating objects that allow you to essentially sculpt in some cases welding and cutting and trimming pieces to make objects that have an end result for the sort of work that you're looking for for example we're recreating a lamp and a little decorative box in this sort of scene by creating models that will give us the shape that we need for those objects and once we're done adjusting these models in this geometry into the forms that we need we'll be able to add some textures to them some colors and some life to give the objects a sense of reality and substance once we have our assets our objects all created at that point it becomes a matter of photography in which case you want to visualize your scene as much as possible before going in and placing Maya lights to start rendering your scene and ending up with a result that has some depth of field for example that gives you a real sense of camera and all of these things start with basic shapes called primitives that are then adjusted for example you can start shaping objects using some of their components such as a vertices I've used here to start making the objects that you need and of course animation in Maya is quite popular and it's a wonderful tool for being able to animate characters as well as objects or even effects such as steam coming off of a locomotive or even a little patch of flowers in a grassy field all of these are very capable features within Maya and its interface it's important to realize that Maya is a tool that is meant to get you to place where you want to be artistically creatively and having idea of what these objects will be for you and how they will speak for you creatively is of course the first and probably hardest step to creating anything and then getting familiar with the tool how to move in 3d space how to create objects and how to edit them how to create lighting and cameras to effectively get a good output is what Maya is all about and with time and experience you'll be able to build your own objects and light them and give them a sense of life and animation in this post we took a look at answering the question what is Maya what sorts of things is it useful for and how's it going to be useful for me 

2-Progressive Web Apps (PWA) - The Complete Guide

what it means to say that you have a progressive web app is to say that when people visit your website or your online presence basically that website will be responsive and fit perfectly to whatever device they are visiting from so say if they're visiting from an iPhone app or an Android app or even a notepad if it's a progressive web app it looks as if they just downloaded your app from the app store and now it's showing you everything that an app would show you but it's showing you on the browser so her first thought that sounds great right Wow people can just go to my website they can go straight up to Chrome or they can go to Firefox type in my web address visit my website and it's just like they have the app on their phone this is great whoa hold the phone there hombre obviously this is great and it's a great technology that helps a lot of businesses with their web presence but let me just go ahead and throw something on the screen for you real quick just to put things into perspective so what this tells us is that smartphone users are spending most of their time in native apps then they are going to a web address or typing it in on a browser and then accessing the product that way so if we extrapolate this graph to the real world and we say for example people are using YouTube what this suggests is that more people are utilizing the YouTube app than they are going to youtube.com and using the service that way so this is super important to know right because if you can understand your audience and their behaviors and where they're going and kind of where the herd is flowing then it's easier to capture a bigger market now this is not to be a on web progressive apps all this is saying is that people are more inclined to use a native app when utilizing your services or buying your products than they are to go to your website so if you have a native app that you offer then more people are inclined to use that native app to navigate your website your offering than they will going to your website now this is not to say web progressive apps aren't insanely useful because they are especially being used as a supplement to a native app that you might have already launched on the App Store because you're still going to get a lot of traffic to your website and as a matter of fact a lot of entrepreneurs will start with the web progressive app and then as time goes on and they get more traction then they'll start reinvesting into a nicer mobile native app so for the sake of this video I'm going to go ahead and throw up on the screen a comparison between native apps and web progressive apps now obviously with a native app you're looking at a higher cost a lot more expensive which is why web progressive apps out of the gate are so attractive for newer entrepreneurs now the other upside to programming a progressive web app is that you're only using one coding language whereas if you're using a native app typically you're using two or more but like the old saying goes you get what you pay for so with the web progressive app you don't necessarily get all of the other core functions and components to utilize on the mobile phone like you would with a mobile app so one big example of this that native apps have over a save progressive web app is push notifications you see push notifications allow apps to have a direct communication line with their customers so anytime you have to get a message out there or there's a new update or say a new recipe or a new deal or new content that's added to your app you can easily send a push notification to targeted users of your app in lifetime or in a scheduled time and other examples of this would be geolocation services Maps and a lot of other components that your native apps will be able to utilize on your mobile phone or on your customers mobile phone that your web progressive app will not another drawback to web progressive apps is that they can't work in a Coughlin's mode so if that user can't access a web address through say a stable internet connection then there's no way they can visit your store or visit your app whereas with a lot of mobile apps now on the market if there is no stable internet connection typically the customers or your users can still access your mobile app even without a dedicated internet connection and still be able to consume some of the content that is available or has been cached but wait before you dismiss progressive web apps altogether let me throw something up on the screen for you that might make you think twice you see although more time is utilized in native apps on smartphones than on a web app progressive web apps are able to reach more people because they have a web address business presence which means are showing up on SEO they're showing up on Google they're showing up on different links where they can be linked back to their web page so this is why I always say for every platform no matter what you're building it's always good to have top-notch quality built presence for your business in any device or any platform 

3-The Complete Foundation Stock Trading Course

people constantly ask me what's a healthy movement in a stock hey I'm Sasha of the cup in this video I want to go over the difference between a healthy movement in a stock and an unhealthy movement in the stock if you know and understand a healthy move from an unhealthy move you'll be able to stay in the trend much longer along with looking at the charts the right way so you know when to get in and get out so if you know and understand the concept of a healthy move just like a human body when you see someone they just appear and look healthy somebody that works out somebody that eats right you can just tell so the same thing in certain stock chart if you look at the trend and you can just know that this looks healthy then you'll be able to be in the trade longer and make more money as you ride the stock up higher and further so for example what is a healthy movement in a stock well for me personally I always like to draw an imaginary line right around the 4045 degree level and see how the chart is moving along that line and if it's moving right around that 40 degree level that to me is fairly healthy that's moving at 2030 degrees that's still fairly stable as long as it has some consolidation patterns in there but it's not moving too fast as you start shifting and moving much quicker so on an accelerated move or a hyperbolic move super accelerated move these charts that are blowing up like a rocket ship are usually not healthy so if the stocks going up 80 90 degrees then it's usually not healthy and not sustainable it's those types of charts that usually have a pullback at least to the 50% so if the stock is breaking out right here and it went up as high as here like a rocket ship usually you can expect the pullback to right about the midpoint so always be prepared especially if a stock is exploding to that upside so to determine these healthy moves just look on the daily chart draw your imaginary line even if there's no trend going on just draw one right around the 45-degree level and you'll see where a healthy movement of the stock would be and if you're not there and you / accelerated then you know you're probably a little over accelerated or you could have a pullback slowly or shortly until the stock regained some stability and if you're going nice and slow then the stock can possibly accelerate soon so that's what I kind of do is I look at that 45 degree angle line 30 degree 35 40 45 right around that level and see how fast the stock is moving and like I said if that stock is exploding its going straight up really really fast then be prepared for a pullback because stocks don't go straight up forever all right so I hope this was a little bit of insight for you of how you can look at charts just pick one draw your imaginary line and compare it to how the stock is moving

4-Comprehensive Guide to Financial Markets, Investing &Trading

what is the financial markets in the world there are people mainly families for cumulate savings and there are other beautiful mainly companies who seek financial support for their investments and to create and develop new products therefore the financial market represents the set of investment instruments and intermediaries that allow savings to be invested the main financial instruments are shares and bonds shares represent the ownership of a part of a company that has issued them giving to shareholders the right to any dividend that may be distributed by the company bonds represents a loan for an individual grants to the issuing institution for a predetermined period of time typically the remuneration for the person who buys the bond is represented by the interest paid by the issuer from time to time who are the people operating in financial markets the people operating in financial markets are many in particular there are financial intermediaries such as banks whose task it is to act as a go-between to facilitate exchanges through their work they reduce the time needed to find subjects willing to borrow and lend then there are investment funds that collect savings and invest them in a variety of options such as shares and bonds thus reducing the risk from money savers through asset diversification another intermediary in the financial market is the insurance company that takes on the risk with customers in exchange for the payment of a periodic premium how are the financial markets regulated in the financial market there are strict rules and supervisory authorities such as the supervisory authority of the italian financial products market concept the Bank of Italy the supervisory authority for private insurance eva's which oversee trade and intermediaries due to the nature of their activity the financial intermediaries to be very stable or rather have a capital higher than a certain threshold here simple and transparent words increase the confidence of investors and the development of a competitive market 

5-SEO Training for Beginners: Complete SEO Guide by IIDE Paid Course

SEO helps make it easy for consumers to find products and services online here's how SEO helps search engines like Google organize ranked and then present the most relevant anduseful website results to their searchers the goal of SEO is to improve your website's rankings so potential clients searching online can find you and do business with you.if your website code is confusing or incomplete they are likely to pass you up the second part of SEO is providing yourwebsite visitors with a good experience in other words ensuring that your website visitors quickly find what they're looking for search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to measure andeven emulate real human behaviors this helps them determine a website's user friendliness and popularity if a searcher likes your content and has a good experience they will stay longershare and in some cases link back to your website these actions are indicators to the search engine that consumers like what they found overall SEO isn't rocket science it'sjust a lot of work it's an ongoing process that requires consist an effort continual monitoring and refining again SEO is the process of helping the search engines organize theWorld Wide Web providing searchers with the information services and products they're looking for it is also the process of satisfying the individual needs of the searcher by quickly deliveringcontent that not only matches their search query but also delivers the best experience could you use some help getting started on your SEO strategy we can help click hereto request a free consultation with a Boostability online marketing specialist today.

6-Create a CRUD Contacts Database App with Python and SQLite

the basics of using sqlite in python. One of the biggest advnatages of SQLite3 is that it allows us to modify a database using SQL that doesn’t require some third-party applications server. First open a new python file and save it. Now import sqlite3 and create connection to the database file using sqlite3 dot connect. If the database file does not exist, one will be created automatically.We can do this using dot cursor on the connection object. Saving and running this script will generate our database. To execute a statement, we can use dot execute on the cursor object. For example if I want to create a table called names that has a key and one text field, I'ld put the sql creation query string as a parameter in the execute method. When this is run, the table will be created. To insert data we can do something very similar to what we just did. Call execute passing a string of the insert querry. In the string, instead of putting in values from an exteral source like user input or data from an API, put question marks. Now add a tuple as another argument to the execute statement with the varaibles that must be put in place of the question marks. This stops the risk of sql injections and is better practice in general. If we save and run this file, we can now open a browser and go to a sqlite viewer; the link will be in the description and in the article for this video. Dragging the file into this allows us to look at the contents of the file. You will see that the contents of the database has not changed; this is because we haven't commited our changes. When making a change to a databases data, it goes into a special state; you can see the data but the data hasn't moved to the table yet. To save the data we just put in, we need to commit using connection dot commit. Now when running, saving and opening this file, we can see the row with row id one. SQLite3 supports auto increment which means if the id is not specified, it will be automatically increased. For this to occur, you must have used INTEGER PRIMARY KEY like I did when specifying id. Now if you specify the column or columns to write to in the query while ignoring id, it will be auto incremented. Make sure to commit afterwards and then save and run. Drag the database file back into the viewer and you can now see that a value with an id of two is in the table. Committing may seem like effort not needed but it is very useful for applications that do things in transactions. When I say transactions, I mean write many things to a database for one event, but if one thing fails, then they all need to be unwritten. A good example to show this would be to insert a new row into the table. Now if I rollback the database using connection dot rollback, insert another row into the database and commit; it is expected that I'll only see the last row written. Save and run this file then open it in the viewer. We can see that only the row with an id of 4 was inserted proving that rollback worked. To get data from the database, you will want to pass your select query to cursor dot execute. Now we can use cursor dot fetchone to get the next row that has been querried for. In this example I get the row with an id of one from the names table. After getting cursor dot fetchone I can then get the id and the name from the row using indexes. Although I obviously already know what the id of the row is, I still get it from the row for the demonstration. If your selection query contains more than one row in the result, you can keep calling cursor dot fetchone to get the data. A while loop can easily achive getting all the data as cursor dot fetchone will be none when there are no more rows are avaiable. A better way to handle multiple rows as a result from a query would be to use cursor dot fetchall. This puts all the rows into a list object. Selecting all the names again, I can now use a for loop on the result of cursor dot fetchall. It may be an uncomfortable task to always use indexes to get data, fortunately Python provides a method to access row values using a key. Before you set your cursor, you need to set the connections row_factory value to sqlite3 dot row. Now when you get values, you will be returned sqlite3.Row objects instead of tuples. Going back to a simple example, we can get the keys of a row using dot keys. This shows that Python knows what the name of the columns in each row are. To use these keys, we can now use them instead of indexes now that we are returned sqlite3.Row objects. Looking at the output, no errors have occured becuase those column names are in the row we querried.

7-Art and Science of Drawing course

what is drawing what does drawing do and what can drawing be so I'm going to share with you lots of drawings and look what they do and probably even more questions drawing is democratic everyone can draw anywhere with anything at any time before we can talk or write we draw making those marks as a child is a way of communicating and making a mark of our existence it is an extension of our bodies gesture if you ask a room of young children if they can draw they will all raise their hands but as they get older sadly less and less raise their hands until in adulthood most adults will say they can't draw drawing from the earliest days was a way to document and to describe a way to show a person's existence drawing has been a way to understand deeply the way things worked in particular the natural world these are images from the paper Museum which was a collection of more than 7,000 watercolors drawings and prints commissioned by a famous Roman patron during the 17th century before photography to show human knowledge in a visual form leonardo used drawings to examine explore and understand amongst other things the human body which led to the invention and use of many medical methods used still today in these beautiful sketches you can see each artist is using the act of drawing to examine and explore the human form George Stubbs is most famous for his paintings of horses so that he could paint them with accurate confidence Stubbs hung a succession of horse carcasses from the ceiling of his barn and over the course of 18 months peeled off layer after layer of the equine tissue to reveal the morphology of the underlying parts drawing each layer as he went Leonardo's drawings also explored other areas of the natural world and by drawing explored the action of water via kellman's also intensely looks and explores water in a different way drawing can be purely about observation so that it seems real or fantastical or confusing it can help you problem-solve and plan drawing can be about the texture of something it can create the illusion of texture drawing can be sensitive about connection drawing can be private and quiet during can be delicate can record a memory during can hide can a rice can pause time drawing can be searching drawing can be succinct can be discrete be passionate drawing can have tension and strength drawing can explore the individual you can involve intense seeing of oneself you you can distort to obscure drawing can show empathy and sorrow it can show the human condition it can show the connection between humans isolation drawing can explore a vast landscape you the individual parts and the minute a drawing can help you to understand so that you may just still to its basic form Mondrian is best known for his geometric compositions drawing can be gestural drawing can be emotive drawing can be about documenting existence Garcia isolated herself for 17 days in this windowless box using a white pen she drew on the black walls continuously between the hours of 10 30 and 5 p.m. drawing only what she could see within the cube she describes her drawing as documenting her existence during can involve the whole body and record a body's action it can also translate the environment through mark this is a wind drawing machine designed by Cameron Robbins that are installed in different locations to receive weather energy and translate it into abstract formats of ink drawings on paper creating the most beautiful drawings of the wind drawing can spend space be delicate can be lots can be heavy can travel can represent a response to an experience drawing can find beauty in simple things can illustrate an idea create scenarios drawing can negate show gravity express internal emotions and ideas and sophisticated doodles can suggest absence and presents I'd like to end with six slides from our drawing symposium that we held at the end of 2019 at the art room we invited six artists to share their practices and thoughts on drawing with an audience of drawing lovers essentially this symposium was about celebrating and exploring the diversity of during practices each artist has drawing at the center of their practice but all speak in very different drawing languages

8- Postman: The Complete Guide - REST API Testing

what is rest rest stands for representational state transfer it is the architectural style for building loosely coupled web applications over the Internet understanding representational state transfer so before trying to understand what do we mean by representational state transfer or restes we need to understand a couple of points we need to understand what do we mean by resources we need to understand what we mean by representational we need to understand what we mean by state and we need to understand what do we mean by transfer so to explain all the different concepts what I will do is I will show you a sample example and from the example will try to learn the concepts suppose we have a web client this could be your browser and we have a web server okay kind of an API and web client will request for resources similar to you going and typing www.google.com and web server will return with the response if you see the request the request can be something like products I want the first product within your inventory so this one actually represents the ID of the product so this is a typical request given by the client to the server ok and server what it will do is it will fetch the resource from its database and it will return the response so this will be the response so the response will be something like ID 1 name it could be the name of a product called milk and cost for example 30 okay so this is the request from the client to the server and this is the response from the server to the client if you see here resources are something that are held by the server okay for example this is a particular resource products is a resource which is there within the server and the client is actually requesting for it so what happens when the client requests for that resource called milk or products what happens is that the server returns a representation of that resource so the resource is still with the server but it is only returning the representation of that resource the representation is Jason here ok so the representation is something that your server returns to the client ok and resources are something that are exclusively held by your server and what do we mean by state state it doesn't mean session state as we will learn in the future tutorials that rest is completely stateless it does not advocate having a session state on the server side so the state means that state of a resource at a particular point in time so what do I mean now say yeah the cost of a milk today is 30 rupees probably per liter and tomorrow the cost of a milk can become 32 rupees okay if you see the state of the resource has changed so by state we mean the state of the resource okay so if we have to understand the definition put together representational state transfer is nothing but the transfer means transfer means from server to the client transfer of the state of any representation okay so it is the trance of the state of the representation of a resource so that is the rest so rest is nothing but a set of architectural constraints there are six different architectural constraints that are defined and if you take any web service and implement all the different architectural constraints finally you will end up with something called as rest and JSON if you see Jason is the widely used format that is used for representations transferring representations you can also use XML but since Jason is lightweight very fast Jason is usually preferred and what do we mean by HTTP protocol one of the reasons why rest is so widely or obtained is because it works exclusively on HTTP protocol okay so you need not go and install any new software everything works as it is okay so to understand HTTP protocol why we need HTTP protocol let us say that for a typical soap based system you will give something like the same request will go something like get products okay whereas for rest you will have product slash one you see the difference this is soap and this is rest as we saw in this particular line rest is always about resources or nouns so products is nothing but a noun or a resource whereas get products this is not a noun this is the verb this is an action so soap is completely full of verbs and actions but rest is only full of nouns so if I given URL saying that localhost / product / 1 how will the server understand what do I need to do with this particular request do I need to get the product do I need to delete the product do I need to save the product do I need to date the product so to clarify all this we use HTTP protocol and in HTTP protocol if you know that HTTP has four verbs HTTP GET HTTP POST it should if we put it should it be delete so basically you will send this particular request to a server with a HTTP GET request and if you send this particular request to the server with HTTP GET request it knows that it needs to get the data for the client if you send the same request with HTTP delete 

9-Linux Shell Scripting: A Project-Based Approach to Learning

well Linux is an operating system just like Windows Mac or UNIX and now that we know that Linux is an operating system let's see what exactly is an operating system ok now an operating system is a mediator between the hardware of the computer and the software's or apps that you install the operating system controls the resources that are in the hardware like for example the hard-disk the RAM the processor and manages them in other words if there is a particular app or software as a user you want to run it for example an application like Microsoft Word and this application requires 128 megabytes of RAM to run on the operating system will reserve 128 megabytes of the RAM to give it to the application that you are running another example if you are downloading an application which is five gigabytes in size the operating system reserves this five gigabytes of size from the hardware for the application that you are downloading ok now we know that Linux is an operating system let's have a quick overview on the Linux history it is important that you know a bit of the history of Linux before you start the first version of Linux has been released in September 1991 and it was made by a student that was in health University called Linux Torvalds released Linux as an operating as an open source and open source means that anybody can see the code in which the application was written with and edit it although you can't edit any open source application because each open-source application has a license agreement so now before you download any application that is open source before you would like to use it and start editing in it you must first see its license agreement so you can see if you can edit in it or you can only see its code without editing in it so open source didn't start with Linux Torvalds it started with Richard Stallman this man right here in eight in 1983 Richard Stallman was a researcher in the MIT and he had ambition that the world will contain free applications that are open source which gives the users the ability to edit in it and share those applications Richard Stallman started the GNU project he wanted to make a free open-source operating system he started the GNU project in 1991 he wanted to make a free open-source operating system but he couldn't reach the proper method or the kernel to make this operating system in 1991 the j new project made a lot of tools one of the most important tools it made was the C programming language compiler and it's called the gnu c compiler okay now what is the link between Richard Stallman and his gnu project and Linux Torvalds and Linux as said moments ago that Richard Stallman couldn't reach the proper method or the kernel to make this operating system but Linus Torvalds did reach the proper method to start an operating an open-source operating system in December 1991 the 0.10 of Linux was released and to log in there wasn't any user or password and the operating system 0.10 didn't support a hard disks except for the 80 hard disks as time moved on Linux started to spread wide and develop across companies and companies started releasing the kernel of the Linux for people to edit in it and develop it now Linux a Linux is an operating system for many things including mobile devices computers in companies and personal computers and it is now trusted and used by many of the large known companies okay now we know that Linux is an open-source operating system that means that any user or organization can edit in it as time moved on company started to edit in Linux and release new versions according to the company's name like for example Red Hat Linux sues Linux ubuntu Linux and each name over here is a distribution for example Red Hat is a distribution Suzy a distribution and each one of those is a distribution and each distribution of those has a different release for example sorry I mean each distribution of those has different releases for example now there is red hat 7 there is Ubuntu 14 and so on in this picture there are some of the distributions of Linux there are more than 50 distributions of Linux now is there a big difference between the distributions the answer is no there isn't a big difference between distributions you may only find slight changes in the comments and slight changes in the locations of the configuration files there also may be differences in the security for example there is a distribution called trust X which is mainly focusing on the security side of the operating system all right now let's have a look at the linuxos advantages from the advantages of Lennox is that it's free but not all distributions are free for example red hat will give you its support by money as well as size but all other distributions rather than size and red hat and the support or free sorry I would like to give a better example or make this statement more clear that the red hat gives it a support by money as well as size but all other distributions are free from the advantages of Lennox also is that it has good stability you can have a Linux server that is working for a year without problems it's easy to install it works on any platform.

10-MBA in a Box: Business Lessons from a CEO

I believe that the fastest and most effective way to grow your business is the model the strategies of people who have already done what you're trying to do so today we're going to look at how a young man cashed out his life savings of $30 moved to a new city opened up a new business changed businesses two times eventually found his winning ticket and built a multi-billion dollar company this is the story of William Wrigley Jr and a top-three lessons that you can learn from his success William Wrigley Jr was a US chewing-gum entrepreneur and founder of the William Wrigley Jr Company in 1891 he was 29 years old so he switched the manufacturing baking powder full-time. revenues in excess of five billion dollars in 2007 in 2008 Wrigley was acquired by Mars Incorporated for 23 billion dollars. if you're able to give something little away for free the your competitors don't it can be a great way to build a relationship and win the ongoing business of your customers it also doesn't have to cost too much or even anything at all focus on the high perceived value items instead of actual cost William Wrigley didn't have much money to start his business but he had what most successful entrepreneurs have enthusiasm energy and creativity he uses talent to differentiate himself from all the other soap manufacturers he asked himself what he could do to make people want to buy more from him instead of going to his competition and by listening to his customers he came up with the idea of giving away free premiums whenever someone bought from him it not only increased the sales he also used a strategy to end up in a completely new and vastly more profitable business according to Wrigley everybody likes something extra for nothing action item number two don't focus on immediate profits as entrepreneurs were often strapped for cash and looking for ways to make our businesses pay off right away the trouble is usually the quick cash grabs are detrimental to the long-term success of our business whether it's discounting your price to drive short-term sales taking on business that doesn't align with your goals but pays well or working with unprofitable clients because you get money right away usually the short-term influx of revenue don't help us build our businesses into sustainable companies William Wrigley always took a long-term approach with his business by giving away free extras many thought I've always unhesitatingly answered restraint in regard to immediate profits that has been not only our most profitable policy it's been pretty nearly our only profitable one you action item number three believe in yourself we won't get very far in business.

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