All type of Campus Placement Materials free download


All type of Campus Placement Materials free download

All type of Campus Placement Materials free download

What is Campus Placement ?

All type of Campus Placement Materials free download ; what is campus placement ? campus placement is a very important and integral part of the engineering colleges so various companies they are visiting the colleges for recruiting the students so what exactly happening with the campus placement and what are the things the call what are the things that is like done from the Collison and what are the things that is done from the company sites we are going to see today so in a typical campus placement so company wanted to recruit the student from the colleges when they are studying into their seventh semester it means that keep the by the time you enter into your seventh semester your result of the fifth semester is in your hand the sixth semester result some of the college's you might be like some of the colleges might declare their six emissaries or some are probably them they haven't declared the six original results but for companies they will consider the result till the fifth semester if it is available six semester there is no problem and no issues now what are the things there like companies are looking into so they are looking the student will are appearing for the campus placement there SSC percentage means your ten plus percentage your HSE percentage means your twelve O'clock percentage and your diploma percentage there are certain criteria's implemented by the company most of the company they need sixty percent or 60 percent throughout means you must have sixty percent in your HSC you must have sixty percent in your SSC you must have sixty percent in your diploma and you must have aggregate sixty percent in your be aggregate means the semester aggregation of the semester percentage from your first same to the fifth or the sixth M if the result is declare over them so this is what the companies they are looking into that whenever the companies are visiting to the college campus so they will send the JD the job description the job description is a self explanatory document which states that what are the things the the companies are expecting from the students what is the job profile what will be the like future announcement also they are going to brief about the companies okay how the company's operating what is the company and what are the different offices located into that so these are the some of the information the company is providing to the College campus placement cell after sharing the JD the college placement officer is sharing the student data the student data means the percentage-wise data some of the company they do have their own format of the data they need name your mobile number your address your percentage from SSC to the B plus they need your other details also so according to the requirement and the data format of the companies the college is submitting the data for the company's company will check the data they will shortlist the eligible student according to the criteria and finally they will share the list to the placement officer this is how the campus placement is happening now why the companies wanted to recruit the student when they are into their seventh semester because the company wanted to tap the talent at the early stage there is a race everyone want a good students so to how would have the good students this is the only way to tap the students when they are like educating or we are taking the education into the college campus because they got all the record right from your semester one to semester fifth and six all the details are there with the college managements so this is all about the campus placement is happening.

Conclusion :

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All type of Campus Placement Materials free download

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