Cyber Security HackPack

Cyber Security HackPack

What is Cyber Security ?

Cyber Security HackPack ; Security computer and internet have become inseparable parts of a life in multiple spheres these days the booming technologies of the modern age have made a life much easier and more connected across the globe weii interconnected networks nowadays we are connected to the Internet by many means that is through computer smartphone or tablet these gadgets are used for storing personal information online banking online shopping booking tickets playing games and connecting with friends over social media although networks of today have simplified the communication process Anna provided great opportunities in almost all spheres there are various types of challenges and threats associated with the use of these networks of today these threats are known as cyber crimes let us first talk about cyber crime a cyber crime is any illegal activity done through Internet example identity theft where somebody can steal your email ID or password and use it to send fake emails to people containing false information about the product or winning a lottery etc then they are credit-card account thefts internet frauds like ordering goats in yawning extracting mobile phone contacts etc forgery that is immediate in documents currency and objects of other people with bad intentions harrassing others and mischief mongering by sending threatening messages all of which come under the jurisdiction of Indian Penal Code IPC cyber crimes can be divided into three main categories crime against an individual person crime against property crime against an organization or society now let's discuss on cyber crimes against an individual person the offenses that cause or attempt to cause harm or threaten individual in this category these crimes can be committed in the form of email spoofing, an attacker Harris is a victim through emails social media chat rooms blocks instant messaging etc a stalker can be an online stranger or a person known to the targeted person in cyber stalking the person can Harris Hanyu malade the victim by posting false information about him monitor of you are victims online activities damage the victims computer by sending viruses tratan the victim or his family other humilating items or subscribe cheap magazines and deliver these at victim's house all works place let's know the fact cyber trafficking refers to the serious crime of selling drugs weapons and even human beings over the Internet traffickers contact their customers through encrypted emails and fix their deals at places like internet cafes in order to sell their illegal substances some criminals even build websites for online selling and trade of these harmful commodities cyber bullying it is an act of harming or harassing through information technology in a deliberate manner this includes insulting remarks and threatening messages sent by email spreading rumors about the person either by emails or social networking sites posting embarrassing photos and videos to hurt the person derogatory remarks against the gender race religion or nationality let us know more defamation is defined as a communication that intends to harm or damage the reputation of a person this produc government religion or nation let's talk about cyber crimes against property in real life we hear of stealing or robbing of ones property in cyber world also criminals look for an opportunity to get theft by using internet they can Rob a man bank account and withdraw his money from his bank account  and spoil the system of an organization through virus binded software to gain access to it identity theft it refers to the act of stealing and misuse of someone's personal information it is a major issue for people who use internet for online shopping cash transactions and banking services the stolen information generally include a person's name date of birth account number credit or debit card number ATM PIN etc this information is then misused to obtain genuine documents new credit cards to make purchase withdraw money get passports and driving licenses in the victim's name hackers steal the information either through hacking the network that person is connected to or placing a software unknowingly on a person's computer let's know the fact key logger programs are used to check users keystrokes and get important information such as passwords etc phishing it is an act of sending an email to a user misleading him to believe that it is from a trusted person or organization the user is asked to visit a website in which he's asked to update or validate his personal details such as user name password credit card details etc in this way the operators of the fake website commit crimes and yannis after stealing your identity.

What is Hacking ?

Hacking is the process of finding and eventually accessing a computer system or possible access point in a computer network. Hacking usually refers to unauthorized intrusion into a computer computer or network Sometimes this is done to destroy the system or steal sensitive information on the computer. A person involved in hacking activities is a hacker Identifies vulnerabilities in the hacker system to gain access Sometimes its purpose is to test pesticides and identify weaknesses to make the system more secure, but sometimes a hacker can get into the system. A hacker is not an ordinary person Hackers always think outside the box A hacker is more than just a login / logout user Hackers always think critically How the system works, whether the ports are open or not Hacking is not always illegal and not all hackers are criminals While, there are tons of companies that give millions of dollars to non-ethical hackers to find and keep vulnerabilities in their systems.

Conclusion :

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Cyber Security HackPack

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