Money Making Course Free Download

Money Making Course Free Download

Introduction :

Money Making Course Free Download ; How does the website make money this is a very common question I hear people ask it isn't always obvious how a website is monetizing their efforts however it's important to understand different money making strategies for your website so you don't waste hundreds of hours working for nothing in this post I'm going to give you a paid Course for make money by a simple website but before download this course just read this post for making money off your website and some of the pros and cons. 

How Website Make Money

Money Making Course Free Download ; So why you want a website in the first place to make money first off websites are extremely low for start-up costs nowadays you can start a business from scratch for less than a hundred dollars upfront when done online try doing that with a brick and mortar business your online business is visible to anyone around the world at all times of the day you can now make money from anywhere on this planet and do so while you're sleeping 3 it can be automated most parts of an online business can now be automated without having much technical knowledge this allows people to create systems that essentially run themselves know how to set these systems up and you can just create yourself a money machine with that being said let's jump into the first model that websites use to make money this model is the most obvious one out of the bunch service many people looking to create a website are simply interested in promoting their services these services are oftentimes brick and mortar businesses or consulting agencies looking to establish an online presence the model here is very self-explanatory drive traffic to your website to sell your service we live in a world where every service business should at least have some online real estate selling a service on the web is a great way to skill your local business and build trust and clients however the downside of the model is that it requires your time to make money click the card on the screen or the link in the description below to learn how to drive visitors to your service base website now we got rank and rent so perhaps you are more interested in a passive income online a service business is not going to cut it because services anything booked a civ however what if you got traffic to a service website and just rented out the site to someone to actually follow through on those services this is what is known as rank model use search engine optimization strategies also known as SEO to rank a website and search engines this will get a steady flow of traffic to your site without you having to maintain it at this point contact a local business who could use those leads and rent a site out to them the proof at this point is in the numbers as mentioned I made a video on how to do this SEO so check that link out alternatively you could just sell them leaves without renting the site which is called pay per lead pay per lead follows the same model where you capture traffic looking for a particular service whether that's using paid ads or organic traffic to your website and sell those leads to local businesses this website thumbtack is a great example of a huge pay per lead website they use SEO and ads to get people to come to their site and sell those leads to business owners for profit number three we have products you'll notice websites either selling physical or digital products this type of monetization is called ecommerce this is simply retail on an Internet these websites either own the products they're selling or are using drop shipping drop shipping is when you sell a product straight from the manufacturer a customer pays through the drop shipping website and the manufacturer produces and ships the items to the person web sites will also sell digital products I highly recommend selling digital products because the margins on digital goods is huge you don't have to worry about production storage or shipping costs with digital products but you do have to worry about people sharing your product for free creating and selling your own digital product is in my opinion one of the best ways you can make money online next we have affiliate links my personal favorite and how I make most of my money online you can make money from your website by simply recommending other products or services many websites will have affiliate programs in which they will offer you Commission on all sales that come from visitors you refer review and suggest products that will help solve your website visitors problems generate an affiliate link to the product and place down your website or blogpost each time a view of your site clicks the link a tracking cookie will be placed on them this means you'll get paid if they buy anything on the site you directed them to within a specific period of time this is my preferred method to monetize websites as it is extremely passive meaning once it's in place you make money while you sleep you don't have to create hold or ship any products all you have to do is get people on the internet to visit particular sites and the website will handle turning those visitors into customers like anything digital marketing related this process isn't hard but takes a really long time to know how it works.

Conclusion :

Money Making Course Free Download ; Contain all your requirement materials so this course is really good for make money online So Download this and enjoy and make sure to Subscribe our YouTube channel 5G GYAN you can find our YouTube channelInstagram and Telegram Channel where you will get Daily update that can be very helpful to you so i hope you like this Post and course Thank you.

Money Making Course Free Download

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