MongoDB The Complete Developer's Guide


MongoDB The Complete Developer's Guide

MongoDB The Complete Developer's Guide

What is MongoDB 

MongoDB The Complete Developer's Guide ; what is mongodb well first let's start with the name it comes from the english word humongous which basically means that it can store lots and lots of data and that is why that name was chosen so humongous basically means that there is a plenty of it now in germany that's actually a bit of a strange name but just as a side note maybe you can find out why but this is where the name comes from the core idea behind mongodb is that we can store a lot of data in there and work with it in a very performant way so that we can write with high throughput and retrieve data very efficiently and fast i'm talking about milliseconds here which is of course super important for modern web and mobile applications where you typically use mongodb because you can deliver data to your users fast now by the way i compare nosql databases as mongodb is as you will learn and sql alternatives like my sequel so definitely check out that article to learn more about when to choose which in this coursewe will obviously focus just on mongodb so how does it work then well it's a database and therefore it's all about well storing data we might have a shop database so in our mongodb database server which we start in the end you will learn how to install it and how to bring up such a server in course on that server you can have multiple databases and let's say we have a shop database because we're building an online shop now in that database we then have something called collections we might have a users and orders collection if you're coming from a sql world collections would be tables so collections are basically the parts of our database where we put our data into now the data itself would be a row or entry in a sql database in mongodb world we're talking about documents which look something like this if you're working with javascript then you might recognize these curly braces that looks a lot like javascript objects and indeed mongodb uses a notation or a data format which they call bson very similar to json i'll come back to that in a second which looks a lot like json and actually also works a lot like it so we store such documents in there and one important thing and one key difference to sql databases is that these documents are schema-less which means as you can see here we can have one collection one table if you want to call it like that where we store different data in here we have one document which describes a user who has a name and an age and the other user only has a name because maybe we didn't retrieve the h data in mongodb it's no problem to store such mixed data in one and the same collection which makes mongodb very very flexible and it's especially great for example for growing businesses where you don't know which kind of data you will need in the end or you will be able to gather in like six months but you want to start now and you can basically store the data you have and if you collect more data in six months you can add it to the same collection obviously you'll have to work on your querying logic then and make sure you don't rely on data which might not be there for all documents now json is a data format you know from javascript or from web development in general it's a data format that looks pretty much like what you see here like a javascript object in the end you could say now bsun binary json is in the end using the same format but it's binary encoded to make working with it behind the scenes on the server more efficient to make it work with basically all languages you might use to reach out or to connect to your database so it gives you more flexibility but you don't have to worry about that .

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MongoDB The Complete Developer's Guide; Contain all your requirement materials so this course is really good for beginner to Advance level So Download this Course and enjoy and make sure to Subscribe our YouTube channel 5G GYAN you can find our YouTube channel, Instagram and Telegram Channel where you will get Daily update that can be very helpful to you so i hope you like this Post and course Thank you.

MongoDB The Complete Developer's Guide

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