Networking Course in Hindi



Networking Course in Hindi

What is Networking ?

Networking Course in Hindi ; Do you know networking is more than just connecting cables in this post i am going to explain and give you a courses just that what exactly is networking. what is networking often times when I discuss with people who are not really network engineers or who are just end users they have the key idea about networking and they just think ok you know it is just a guy connecting cables and devices and with magic everything work it's not that accident in networking basically it's you do selection of different devices there are different devices available like you know routers which is there is security equipment like firewalls so it's more than just connecting cables it's about you know selection of protocols that you will deploy it's about also selection of you know some policies for the network like we might allow a certain traffic we've might not allow certain traffic ok which does not you know follow the corporate policy so in whole you know when we talked what is networking networking is about you know construction design use of the network and using equipment to build that network defining the policies even documenting all that ok so we also sometimes deploy quality of service things like that where we define a certain amount of bandwidth for a certain person or you know for a certain application we define an upper limit okay we might also drop certain traffic so that is also what comes under qsr and finally comes under networking so next let's discuss what does a network engineer do in this okay when you say construction of anything okay basically there is planning required okay you have to define what things will be used where and how things will be connecting with each other yes at the same time you design a high level diagram you would design a low level diagram having specific details the high level diagram will have the more general details maybe you know in terms of how the data will flow okay but at the same time a low level diagram will include very small details as in okay fast no.2 0/24 port number switch this will connect with big 0 flash or fast this with that so that's the design and planning part most commonly you know experience may talk engineers to this planning and designing then there comes implementing things okay so when you talk about these devices these routers switches firewall basically you can think of them as a computer okay there are device with an operating system just like your computer has an operating system like a Windows or Linux which you are already familiar with similar to that a router will have an operating system or a switch will also have an operating system so when you talk about network engineer what does you know day in day out what does what do they do so basically they take at access of this operating system and then you know alter the configuration okay now when I say configuration you know don't confuse it with coding okay when people think about coding okay let's just clarify this a bit okay when you think about coding you basically define algorithm of something maybe you know suppose I have to make a code of just adding two numbers okay I'll declare three variables I'll add two put the value in three get it print out this is an algorithm then you write code okay maybe you'll declare variables you will write some code to do the same thing that's coding part okay when you talk about networking okay you don't do coding of devices oftentimes people who are beginners of who don't really know networking they think okay it's coding you take access of operating system and configure a certain thing what I mean by that is suppose if I ask you okay go into your windows change your wallpaper okay the kodi of wallpaper into that no you basically go at a certain place in the operating system do certain things to make the wallpaper change so basically you did some configuration of the operating system instead of just coding it okay similar to that as a network engineer you don't go into Windows you basically go into the routers operating system or firewalls operating system alter things now some firewalls or some devices are graphical user interface based so you can click and do certain things most of the times you'll find that networking equipment's are more inclined towards the command line interface based configuration so as a network engineer they put in those commands and make the things work according to the requirement I hope this has been informative.

Conclusion :

Networking Course in Hindi ; Contain all your requirement Campus materials so this Package is really good and it helpful for you So Download this and enjoy and make sure to Subscribe our YouTube channel 5G GYAN you can find our YouTube channelInstagram and Telegram Channel(Go to menu and then Follow us section of this website)  where you will get Daily update that can be very helpful to you so i hope you like this Post and course Thank you.

Networking Course in Hindi

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