The Complete Android N Developer Course


The Complete Android N Developer Course

The Complete Android N Developer Course

How to Become an Android Developer :

The Complete Android N Developer Course ; Let's talk about the Android now I'm going to touch upon a few points that are going to be really helpful and will help you to get started as an Android developer now first of all I am assuming that you have decided that from iOS and Android the Android is going to be my choice and all of the users that I want to hit are actually behind the Android devices so that's why you are choosing the Android so let's clear up that that you have decided perfectly I'm no confusion at all that yes Android is going to be my choice now the great thing with the Android development is it's not that much platform oriented like for the iOS development you need to have an iOS device of course the iPhone is not necessary but I I u.s. devices like Mac Mini or your iMac really helps a lot but Android is not like that you can get started as an Android developer on a Windows platform or on a Mac platform it really doesn't matter it can be anything now if you really want to get started the first prerequisite is have a decent machine so I would recommend at least four gigabytes of RAM would be really really awesome in that case so once you have cleared up that hurdle that you have a decent machine in case you don't have it it's a great time to invest in a machine now once the hardware consultancy is over the next hurdle is the programming language now if in case you are coming up with any other programming language Java won't be much of the hurdle but in case you are coming for the very first time it's a good time to get started with the Java. learn C++ then learn Java no it's not like that you can directly and directly jump onto the Java it's a language in itself and you can clearly and simply learn that directly no need of other prerequisite languages and also I would like to say that you don't need to jump into the advanced hyper advanced level of the Java once you have learned the Java then the obvious step is to register as an Android developer to get started learning the Android now while learning the Android you also need to take care that there are a couple of ways to get started as a developer now one of the great way and free way is to get started from developer.android.com now this is an official resource by Google and to support all the Android developers everything they are going to teach but the problem is that's an official documentation and official documentation are always toughest ones to read around they are not always so much easy because there is so much of the detail that for a normal user it's not easy to go around now obviously it's time-consuming and it's free so definitely get ready to invest a lot of time now of course there are please' of blocks that can teach you to design this app or that app of course that's a game time consuming but a course it's free now there are a couple of paid resources as well don't really have not selling you anything but there are a lot of paid resources online tutorials or online courses that you can purchase and I personally recommend them now I'm not going to link any of them I'm not gonna pass any of the link to purchase them or anything but I personally believe that that saves a lot of time of course that cost a little bit of money like thirty to fifty dollars which is much more efficient than the offline trainings so you can also go with that now you can also go with a lot of books as well but I would say going with the books is secondary in my mind first of all I would like to go with somebody if he is teaching me lies there that would be much more awesome.

Conclusion :-

The Complete Android N Developer Course Contain all your requirement materials so this course is really good So Download this Course and enjoy and make sure to Subscribe our YouTube channel 5G GYAN you can find our YouTube channel, Instagram and Telegram Channel(Check menu Follow us section)  where you will get Daily update that can be very helpful to you so i hope you like this Post and course Thank you.

The Complete Android N Developer Course

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