The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course


The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course

The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course

How to play guitar for Beginner Guide :

The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course ; Guitar has an arch right here this fits pretty perfectly over your thigh so for guys you can hold it . this would be maybe more appropriate for for a woman that battle fit and sit pretty comfortably right over your thigh now your right hand you want your forearm right here resting comfortably on the body of the guitar about right here in this area you want the palm of your hand this this part right here to rest lightly on the bridge not in front to where you're muting the strings right behind right behind there that gives you get pivot point it'll give your right hand a lot more control you definitely don't want to be floating around out here at least for the exercises we're gonna be doing in the beginning here say you wanna pivot that plant that so you can pivot right there on the bridge of the guitar now your left hand you want your thumb on the back of the neck like that not the pad you want the pad of your thumb not the tip you don't want to hold it you want to hold it like that then you want to wrap your hands around so that when you're pressing down on the on the fret that your fingers are arched like that so you always want to be playing with the tips of your fingers not the pads of your fingers you always want to try to be on your tips your fingers gonna get really sore at first but that will go away if you over time as you practice you want to wrap it around and arch your fingers you always want to be able to have a gap between your poem here and the bottom of the neck you don't want to be resting your palm up against the bottom of the neck so always one that you should always be able really like fit a pencil between or something okay now we're going to go back to our right hand so we got our palm lightly on the bridge for a pivot point you're gonna hold your pick with either your thumb and two fingers or your thumb and your first finger either way is acceptable you did not want to hold the pick it's kind of a bad habit to start so that that would be the proper way to hold it or like that so with our right hand resting on the bridge I just want you to pick the sixth string that's your E string and just pick one time down now we do something on guitar called alternating your picking you do downstrokes and upstrokes so going down toward the floor would be a Down stroke picking up B an upstroke so I just want you to hit the sixth string the E string that's also referred to as the low E string I want you to hit that four times alternating you're picking up and down so now I want to go down to the fifth string that's your a string don't you pick that four times alternating you're picking now we're going to go to the fourth string that's your D string pick that four times now to our third string which is G pick that four times remember to keep your palm rested on the bridge pick our second string that's B pick that four times and finally our first string which is e or often referred to as the high E string pick that four times just make sure that before you move on you have that alternating picking method down so when I pick this string the sixth string that is a low E or an e note the fifth string is a fourth string is d the third string is G second string is B and the first string is e or high E it's important to memorize those notes for now I wouldn't worry about any of memorizing any other notes on the fretboard except for the open strings for now now we're gonna finish up the lesson and I'm gonna show you a simple exercise incorporating our left and right hand this is just a simple exercise to work on you or your muscle-memory your finger dexterity your coordination between your left and right hands so with your left hand now thumb on the back of the neck arched fingers playing with your fingertip with your first finger that would be your index finger on the fifth fret now when you fret you want to be right behind the actual fret the silver piece you want to be right behind it as close as close to it as you possibly can without being on top of it that'll give you the best tone the best sound if you're back here a lot of times you get kind of a bad buzzing sound so you want to be right up against that fret that'll give you a nice clear tone.

Conclusion :-

The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course Contain all your requirement materials so this course is really good for beginner to Advance level So Download this Course and enjoy and make sure to Subscribe our YouTube channel 5G GYAN you can find our YouTube channel, Instagram and Telegram Channel(Check menu Follow us section)  where you will get Daily update that can be very helpful to you so i hope you like this Post and course Thank you.

The Ultimate Beginner Guitar Course

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