The Ultimate Drawing Course


The Ultimate Drawing Course

The Ultimate Drawing Course

What is Drawing :

what is drawing what does drawing do and what can drawing be so I'm going to share with you lots of drawings and look what they do and probably even more questions drawing is democratic everyone can draw anywhere with anything at any time before we can talk or write we draw making those marks as a child is a way of communicating and making a mark of our existence it is an extension of our bodies gesture if you ask a room of young children if they can draw they will all raise their hands but as they get older sadly less and less raise their hands until in adulthood most adults will say they can't draw drawing from the earliest days was a way to document and to describe a way to show a person's existence drawing has been a way to understand deeply the way things worked in particular the natural world these are images from the paper Museum which was a collection of more than 7,000 watercolors drawings and prints commissioned by a famous Roman patron during the 17th century before photography to show human knowledge in a visual form leonardo used drawings to examine explore and understand amongst other things the human body which led to the invention and use of many medical methods used still today in these beautiful sketches you can see each artist is using the act of drawing to examine and explore the human form George Stubbs is most famous for his paintings of horses so that he could paint them with accurate confidence Stubbs hung a succession of horse carcasses from the ceiling of his barn and over the course of 18 months peeled off layer after layer of the equine tissue to reveal the morphology of the underlying parts drawing each layer as he went Leonardo's drawings also explored other areas of the natural world and by drawing explored the action of water via kellman's also intensely looks and explores water in a different way drawing can be purely about observation so that it seems real or fantastical or confusing it can help you problem-solve and plan drawing can be about the texture of something it can create the illusion of texture drawing can be sensitive about connection drawing can be private and quiet during can be delicate can record a memory during can hide can a rice can pause time drawing can be searching drawing can be succinct can be discrete be passionate drawing can have tension and strength drawing can explore the individual you can involve intense seeing of oneself you you can distort to obscure drawing can show empathy and sorrow it can show the human condition it can show the connection between humans isolation drawing can explore a vast landscape you the individual parts and the minute a drawing can help you to understand so that you may just still to its basic form Mondrian is best known for his geometric compositions drawing can be gestural drawing can be emotive drawing can be about documenting existence Garcia isolated herself for 17 days in this windowless box using a white pen she drew on the black walls continuously between the hours of 10 30 and 5 p.m. drawing only what she could see within the cube she describes her drawing as documenting her existence during can involve the whole body and record a body's action it can also translate the environment through mark this is a wind drawing machine designed by Cameron Robbins that are installed in different locations to receive weather energy and translate it into abstract formats of ink drawings on paper creating the most beautiful drawings of the wind drawing can spend space be delicate can be lots can be heavy can travel can represent a response to an experience drawing can find beauty in simple things can illustrate an idea create scenarios drawing can negate show gravity express internal emotions and ideas and sophisticated doodles can suggest absence and presents I'd like to end with six slides from our drawing symposium that we held at the end of 2019 at the art room we invited six artists to share their practices and thoughts on drawing with an audience of drawing lovers essentially this symposium was about celebrating and exploring the diversity of during practices each artist has drawing at the center of their practice but all speak in very different drawing languages.

Conclusion :-

The Ultimate Drawing Course Contain all your requirement materials so this course is really good for beginner to Advance level So Download this Course and enjoy and make sure to Subscribe our YouTube channel 5G GYAN you can find our YouTube channel, Instagram and Telegram Channel(Check menu Follow us section)  where you will get Daily update that can be very helpful to you so i hope you like this Post and course Thank you.

The Ultimate Drawing Course

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