Android Ethical Hacking Practical Course free download

Android Ethical Hacking Practical Course free download

What is Hacking ?

Android Ethical Hacking Practical Course free download ; Any weaknesses of vulnerabilities of computers and information system using the intent and actions of a malicious hacker now the difference here is the intent a malicious hacker will try to gain something for their own personal gains or try to cause damage to the other here the intent of the ethical hacker is to identify possible book flaws and vulnerabilities weaknesses and then try to enhance the security on those weaknesses by mitigating those weaknesses does preventing malicious hackers from getting access so the intent is the complete other way around where a malicious hacker may be looking at gaining personally from these attacks very ethical hacker would prevent the vulnerability does prevent the hack from happening in the first place and I think a tiger is an expert who penetrates a computer system or network on behalf of its owners to find security vulnerabilities that the hacker can exploit so the difference between the hacker and ethical hacker here is that the hacker is not authorized by the organization whereas in case of ethical hacker it's the organization themselves who have hired the services of the ethical hacker to test the security controls to test the network to test applications and find out flaws within them so that they can be fixed ethical hacker is also known as a penetration tester so the job role here is to find vulnerabilities and to fix them so that malicious hackers may not be able to misuse them.

Types of hackers & their Job :

Android Ethical Hacking Practical Course free download ; The first classification is of a black hat hacker these people are individuals with extraordinary computing skills which means they are very intelligent they can program quite a bit they know everything about hacking and these guys are experts however the intent is malicious or destructive in nature they would want to harm the victim and gain possibly monetarily from these kind of activities some of these people would do it for fun and ego boost if you will the second classification is of a grey hat hacker these are individuals who work offensively as well as defensively.So at times they can for an agenda become a black hat hacker gain out of it hack without authorization and I at times they can actually accept a contract from an organization to help them enhance the security of that organization and then there are white hat hackers these are individuals professing the same skills that of a black hat or a grey hat they might use the same tools possess the same knowledge except for the intent their intent is not to cause harm but to protect the organization and enhance the security skills these are people like us these are ethical hackers who essentially try to emulate or simulate the attacks from a black hat hackers perspective to find out the flaws and then try to mitigate them try to enhance the security posture of the organization to prevent that organization from getting hacked and then there are suicide hackers these are individuals who bring down critical infrastructure for a cause the main difference between the black hat hackers and suicide hackers is that black hat hackers will try to hide the identity suicide hackers do not in fact they will claim responsibility for the attacks that they have done then we have stripped keys these are unskilled hackers they have no idea what they're doing they may not be technically very adept but they rely on tools already created by black hat hackers and then try to use those tools and leverage them to try to hack an organization terrorists would be any organization or individual who are motivated by religious or political beliefs and they try to create fear by large-scale destruction of computer networks so they might attack countries they might attack organizations to promote their political or religious causes and might create harm to the population at large sate sponsored hackers are individuals who are employed by the government to spy on neighboring countries or their enemies the attempt is to gain top-secret information that would be damaging to other governments which would enhance the security posture of one one's own country now this is not an official job profile but it's a known fact that most of the governments have hired hackers to spy on other countries and other organizations then there are hacktivists individuals who want to promote a political agenda by hacking and defacing websites these guys do not infrastructure they just hack websites deface them put their own propaganda on the face of the website to promote whatever political messages that they want to promote now let's talk about the phrases of ethical hacking ethical hacking is distributed in five different phases they are the reconnaissance phase scanning gaining access maintaining access and covering tracks the first phase the recognizance phase is all about information gathering here you are trying to identify the target trying to get to know the target gathering information about the target could be digital in nature could be any personal information or organizational information that you can leverage later on for social engineering attacks as well here you might try to find out from a technical perspective the IP addresses domain names subdomains email addresses full numbers of people working in the organization once you have all this information you would then proceed to the scanning phase we are going to actively scan for devices that are live and can you can interact with then you are going to scan those live devices to identify ports protocols and services running on those systems now these ports are protocols these would be your entry points to try to gain access to that system it is here where those flaws would exist so in this phase you are basically identifying which ports are open which services are running on top of them what protocols are being utilized by the machine once you have identified this you might want to enumerate them by gathering more information from a specific protocol and then you might want to go into the vulnerability scanning phase they are going to scan these services protocols for vulnerabilities trying to create a list of all the possible vulnerabilities in that system once you have the list of possible vulnerabilities you're going to move on to the gaining access phase where you're going to attack those vulnerabilities try to exploit them and try to gain access or embed a Trojan virus key logger or any software that can spy on the victim once you have hacked into this machine you are going to try to maintain access maintaining an access is you're trying to retain those access for a longer period of time so you can spy on the device spy on the user try to collect more information as time goes on you are not going to rely on the hack forever because the hack may no longer work after a period of time especially if the system gets patched up or somebody runs an anti-virus scan or figures out something is wrong main living access is where you are going to install a backdoor and unauthorized backdoor obviously without the knowledge of the victim which will allow you to interact with the Machine or gather information from the Machine without any hindrance once you have installed these kind of software's you don't want them to be discovered that's where the covering tracks come into the picture when you have installed a rootkit a Trojan a spyware it will create directories it will create files in this phase the covering tracks are going to try to erase the trace of the creation of these files when you are accessing something while maintaining access or gaining access there would be logs that would be created by the applications which would announce what you've been doing in the coverage covering tracks phase you will be trying to delete those logs and try to erase the traces of your activity as well.

Conclusion :

Android Ethical Hacking Practical Course free download ; Contain all your requirement materials so this course is really good So Download this and enjoy and make sure to Subscribe our YouTube channel 5G GYAN you can find our YouTube channelInstagram and Telegram Channel where you will get Daily update that can be very helpful to you so i hope you like this Post and course Thank you.


Android Ethical Hacking Practical Course free download

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