Android Malware Analysis Course free download


Android Malware Analysis Course free download

Android Malware Analysis Course free download

Introduction to Malware Analysis 

Android Malware Analysis Course free download ; Malware is a binary that does malicious activities malware is used by attackers to perform malicious actions and gain control over their targets or spying on them examples of malware's rats keyloggers ransomware these are all examples of malware that are widely common and used nowadays so when someone talks about malware just think of it as a malicious a virus like it's a virus a computer virus that does malicious activities on your computer it can harm it in every harmful aspect you can think of all right types of malware virus or warm malware is so a worm or a virus is a malware that is capable of copying itself and spreading to other computers a virus needs user intervention whereas a worm can spread without you the user intervention so basically a worm is like it's like a virus that infects all the computers uh uh on the network it keeps spreading by itself it doesn't it doesn't need user interaction and i'll be showcasing wannacry malware in this post as a bonus all right so a trojan is a malware that disguises itself as a regular program to trick users to install it on their systems once installed they can perform malicious actions such as stealing sensitive data uploading files to the attacker server or monitoring webcams so trojan is similar to a normal virus um but it's not uh it's not warmable like it doesn't spread all right now we're gonna talk about rats backdoor remote access trojan or remote access torsion so um this is a type of trojan that enables the attacker to gain access and execute commands in the compromise system so remote access trojan basically spreads and in fixed computers and it has a control system that controls all the computers it's widely used uh for malicious activities and for ddos attacks i'm going to talk about botanists in a second a button in a second all right so what is the botnet bonus botnet is a group of computers infected with the same malware called bots and button is actually controlled by a wrap so button is waiting to receive instructions from the command and control server which is uh uh controlled by the attacker and the attacker can then issue a command to these bullets which can perform malicious activities such as ddos attacks so basically a botanist is a virus that's connected to a command and control center and this this virus is very malicious and it's widely spread ransomware and botnets I'm sorry are widely spread nowadays ransomware is malware that holds the system for ransom by locking user users out of their computer or by encrypting their files ransomware is the most common virus that's out there and because of covet 19 ransomware has spread a lot nowadays and actually a company called Garmin uh i don't know if you guys know it but everybody should know or heard about it in the past and it got it got it got attacked and the whole network got uh um like the hackers got got gained control of the whole network and they asked for 10 million dollars and garmin paid them how did they have access to the whole network basically they did a social engineering attack on one of their employees which allowed them to install the ransomware on their company which is network so ransomwares are very dangerous nowadays all right a rootkit is a malware that provides the attacker with privileged access to the infected system and conceals its presence or the presence of other software so a rootkit is basically a virus that runs let's say in the kernel of the computer the very basic level of a computer rootkits are very dangerous too such as tuxnet it's a virus you can google it it's basically kind of root kit so yeah all right what is malware analysis so malware analysis the process of analyzing a malware sample and being able to exfiltrate as much as information as possible malware analysis is really important because by analyzing how the malware functions how it spreads and the type of malware used it helps us defend against future attacks and understand how viruses works and work in general so model analysis gives the person a lot of knowledge computer knowledge uh programming knowledge viruses knowledge a lot of knowledge if you're into malware analysis in general all right here here are the basic steps of malware and i mean not basic steps the procedures you need to follow in order to fully analyze a malware of course you need to follow them by a chronological order all right so first we start with static analysis so static analysis is the process of analyzing malware without executing it the main goal is to extract as much information as possible example reading the strings in a certain executable dynamic analysis is a process of analyzing the malware how it functions by actually executing and running the malware so the purpose of this process is is to see what the malware does and how it behaves code analysis chord analysis is the process of reverse oh i forgot to mention in dynamic analysis you need like when you run it you need to actually write down notes on what what it does for example it connects to a server um it edits some certain files but that's not really important dynamic unless it's just running it at basic level all right chord analysis is the process of reverse engineering the malware basically this process is analyzing how the malware is written so coda code analysis is really an important step to do while analyzing a malware so behavior analysis is the process of monitoring the malware after execution and the process of this the purpose of this process is to monitor every process that the malware modifies or communicates to for example the malware edits some registry entries it communicates with the server uh does it does some networking you know all of that is in the behavior analysis level all right what's next all right uh like i said i'll try my best to cover all these topics in my channel for free of course but if you want to continue by yourself and you're really excited for learning i mean learning malware analysis so the first thing you need to do is um set up and dedicated isolated environment for analyzing malware of course i'm going to be showing that in my channel like i said i'll be teaching every single step in here in my channel and i'll be learning every step in my channel 5G GYAN by making videos for you guys so after you set up a dedicated environment you need to know how windows work and Linux so basically learn windows internals and Linux internals and how computers work in general um third step is learn and understand programming trust me in code analysis you will not know how to reverse engineer the malware if you don't know how to program or at least understand how programming works so of course if you understand assembly and c or c plus plus and java you will start to read other languages like python php without learning how to program if you get my point like you can read python scripts without actually learning how to write some python code because c plus plus an assembly and java run at very low level in the computer and you need to understand the network fundamentals of course ports uh https and all of that in the network fundamentals section and understand operating system architecture basically the kernel of the computer uh what what comes before assembly which is the hardware trust me if you learn all of that you'll be the best malware analyst out there because you can you can do some malware analysis uh basic static analysis but trust me if you if you're looking to that top level you need to understand all of that thank you and like i said i'll be i'll be teaching all of that in my channel 5GGYAN just wait and if you guys have any video ideas just make sure to tell me down in the description or telegram channel @FiveGgyan and i'll be glad to make videos all right ok so i'll be showcasing the wannacry ransomware so oh all right let me showcase that i want to cry ransomware all right so this ransomware uh it basically it took exposure in like 2016 where it's infected more than 200 000 computers um this malware was warm able like it could infect a whole network without user interaction like it would spread widely like without stopping unless there was of course people implemented stuff to stop it and yeah all right like i said this is my dedicated environment i have all the tools for malware analysis and i have some samples ready for you guys in the future i mean this is my dedicated environment but i'll be making a whole video on how to make your own dedicated environment all right let's run this ransomware and let's see what it does i'm a normal user as you can see guys the malware started doing action actions look all my files on my computer got encrypted so the only way we can decrypt uh our files is by sending six hundred dollars worth of bitcoin uh to this bitcoin address but of course people unplug them implemented decrypters and malware analysts and reverse engineers found a lot of solutions for this malware this malware mostly infected windows 7 computers this malware took i mean this the purpose of this malware was to exploit uh the ms-17 exploit uh which was in exploiting the smb if i'm not mistaken the smb smb client in windows well of course it was all the they patched everything in 2017 so yeah all right this is the malware that's how networks and big companies get hit just by malware so malware is the next thing .

Conclusion :

Android Malware Analysis Course free download ; Contain all your requirement materials so Download this and enjoy and make sure to Subscribe our YouTube channel 5GGYAN, Instagram and Telegram Channel where you will get Daily update that can be very helpful to you so i hope you like this Post and course Thank you.

Android Malware Analysis Course free download

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