Ethical Hacking Course in Tamil Free Download


Ethical Hacking Course in Tamil Free Download

Ethical Hacking Course in Tamil Free Download

Introduction :

Ethical Hacking Course in Tamil Free Download ; Hello guys i am back with a new Ethical Hacking course which can help you to learn All subject of Ethical Hacking in Tamil Language & the best thing is This Course is Completely free for everyone but remember this Course is only for learning and Educational purpose only Because this course is made for Ethical hacker I hope you enjoy this course. Before download this course Read The Basic Concept of ethical hacking.

  • I Will Explain This Topics One by One

  • What is Ethical Hacking ?
  • What is Cyber Security ?
  • Type of Hackers
  • Advantages of hiring an ethical hacker
  • Conclusion 
  • Download your Course

What is ethical hacking 

Ethical Hacking Course in Tamil Free Download ;  Ethical hacking the term ethical hacking is actually used in order to do hacking for a legal way or for a good purpose so the person's who performs ethical hacking are called as ethical hackers so the job responsibilities or the functions of ethical hacker is to perform penetration testing finding vulnerabilities in their own company's organization in order to protect their company's data so their job responsibilities are as follows so they actually their main goal is to protect systems of their organization to protect their data to eliminate any potential threat the ethical hackers not perform hacking in order to in order to do harm for a particular organization so now we know that the hacking is of two types so now let's discuss about that what are the types of hackers.

What is Cyber Security 

Ethical Hacking Course in Tamil Free Download ; Cyber security by itself is a process a design and architecture created to protect networks and devices from attacks damage or unauthorized access.

let's consider an example in an office one day quinn who is following his daily routine working on his computer trying to crunch the numbers work his data through but in the background without his knowledge there is a hacker who is trying to access the confidential files located on quinn's computer through a vulnerability the hacker is able to access those files and he or she then transfers those files back to the hacker's computer so what can happen due to this legal ramifications to the business loss of company secrets leakage of information uh maybe industrial espionage which basically means a competitor is trying to analyze a company a company's secrets and trying to gain access to their data or they could hold the company for ransom and ask them for money or sell it to criminals who can further dilute the information or misuse that information for the criminal activities anything is possible so it's a very bad scenario if a hacker gets access to the company secrets so what is it that we're going to discuss in this article to start off with we're going to talk about what is cyber security then we are going to talk about why cyber security is necessary in today's world how does it work who is a cyber security expert what are the skills required and of course what the courses and certifications required from an individual to be called a cyber security expert so let's begin with the first one.

Types of  Hackers 

  • There are 3 Type of Hackers

  • White Hat Hackers - Who protect networks and devices from attacks damage or unauthorized access

  • Black Hat Hackers - Who Perform unauthorized Attacks

  • Gray Hat Hackers - Who Perform Both legal & illegal Attacks

Advantages of hiring an ethical hacker :

 Ethical Hacking Course in Tamil Free Download ;   In an organization first and foremost ethical hackers can emulate or simulate the scenarios that a hacker would they have the same knowledge might use the same tools except for the intent so they would be able to identify the security threats for the organization once the security threats have been mitigated the organisation can actually focus on their business and increase productivity once that taks have been mitigated and the compromises have been minimized organization can full-fledged walk towards the goals their objectives of the business and be more productive the reputation of the company can be safeguarded we obviously don't want to deal with organizations that keep on repeatedly getting hacked and compromised our data we wouldn't trust those organizations with our private and personal data in the first place which means that this is going to inspire customer confidence the customer would feel that if the organization is secure and is able to protect themselves they would be able to protect the customers data and customers private information as well which is the protection for your customers or clients so this can be advertised as by the organization saying we have ethical hackers we do the approach towards our security measures we have integrated security mechanisms in place we are safe we have been tested and we can prove that we are security compliant once the customers come to know about this customers would feel a lot more safer to deal with such organizations after discussing the advantages of hiding an ethical hacker.

Conclusion :

Ethical Hacking Course in Tamil Free Download ; Contain all your requirement materials in Tamil Language so Download this and enjoy and make sure to Subscribe our YouTube channel 5G GYANInstagram and Telegram Channel where you will get Daily update that can be very helpful to you so i hope you like this Post and course Thank you.

Ethical Hacking Course in Tamil Free Download

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