Wifi Hacking 2020 course free download

Wifi Hacking 2020 course free download

Concept of Wifi Hacking 

Wifi Hacking 2020 course free download ; In The Last Course When we were breaking the WEP encryption what we did was we tried to capture as many packets as we can so we can then use we can actually capture two packets which which packet contains same IVs and then we ran an attack against against against those IVs using aircrack-ng the reason for there it is because in WEP encryption and the packets contain a key and we can if we could actually break that key but in the WPA encryption and the WPA packets actually do not contain any information which we can use to crack the key and then get the password but the only packets in WPA or wpa2 encryption which can contain some information are the handshake packets so handshake packets are the packets which we can use to crack the key or or get the password and what handshake packets are that once you try to connect to a network or when you try to connect to a Wi-Fi or an AP a handshake occurs actually so a handshake is is is a combination of four different packets where when you try to connect to it so you will send a request to the AP that I want to connect then it will send a response back and ask you to send the password if you have it then it will process it for you in in the third packet and in the fourth packet it will authenticate you or it will tell you that yes you have the right password and you you can now connect with me so even if you are trying to connect to the IP and you are not actually giving it at the right key but still the handshake actually occurs it won't be a four-way handshake but it will still be occurring and the handshake packets will be flowing between the device and between between the router so we can actually capture those hand check packets and then we can run a word list attack against those packets to crack the key so what is a word list word list is a is a file which contains a lot of passwords it can contain thousands or even millions of fact on millions of words actually millions of passwords and then we run the run that word list against the handshake packets we actually captured so what this attack is going to do is the word list attack is going to check each key against that handshake packet we captured and if it finds the key so it will tell us that yes I this is the right password a right key for WPA so but two things we need to capture the handshake and and running this this wordless attack so this is first we need to capture a handshake packet and the second thing is a word list and we are going to run our word list okay attack against a dead handshake packet and we will use that word list and if WPS is disabled on that network like and and our attack which we tried in the last video failed for us so we can use this this method to crack WPA and we can find find the key or password using using this method and if our word list contains the password of the Wi-Fi this method is going to work 100% and there are no chances that you would fail so in the next video I am going to actually tell you how we can create a word list of our own choice and what parameters we can set and what things we need to do to capture to to actually make our list and then we are going to use that word list against the handshake and but by doing that we can actually get the key .

Conclusion :

Wifi Hacking 2020 course free download ; Contain all your requirement materials so this course is really good So Download this and enjoy and make sure to Subscribe our YouTube channel 5G GYAN you can find our YouTube channelInstagram and Telegram Channel where you will get Daily update that can be very helpful to you so i hope you like this Post and course Thank you.


Wifi Hacking 2020 course free download

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