Make your own android trojan from scratch course free download

Make your own android trojan from scratch course free download

What a trojan or Trojan horse actually is so we will be covering 

  • what is a Trojan horse 
  • Different types of Trojan horses 
  • How you or a victim can be infected
  • What two attackers want when using chosen Trojan horses

The definition of a Trojan horse is a malicious piece of software that is disguised as legitimate software so hackers use legitimate software and trick you into thinking that it is legitimate but in actual fact it is a virus so they trick you with using the same type of naming convention the same file name lots of different variations that we will discuss in this course just like the gift horse left outside the gates of Troy and how the soldiers were able to get into Troy trojan horses appear useful or interesting to the victim and when the unsuspecting victim actually clicks on it they are actually harmful and open potential backdoors into the users computer what are viruses and what are worms so a Trojan horse is different from a worm a Trojan horse cannot replicate itself whereas a worm can other forms of malware can actually create or recreate or propagate themselves Trojan horses though cannot replicate a Trojan horse can be deliberately attached to otherwise useful software by a hacker or cracker and it can be spread by tricking users into thinking that the file is actually a useful program disguises picture disguise is an attachment that the user wants to install what types of Trojans are they they're Trojans that arrays or overwrite data on computer sometimes even deleting everything on a hard drive they can corrupt files in a major way or in a subtle way that is not really visible by the user whose computer has been infected they also spread other malware such as viruses in this instant a Trojan horse is called a dropper they also are used to set up a network of computers or zombie computers infecting multiple computers without the users knowing that the computers are infected and use this to launch denial of service attacks and more importantly a DDoS a distributed denial of service attack attack from multiple computers all doing the work at the same time to possibly shut down a website or take down a government site or something of that sort the other very dangerous thing is they actually log keystrokes and they do this to steal information such as passwords banking details credit card numbers these key logging softwares are simply known as key loggers another type of trojan is those that fish for bank or credit card numbers or other account details like PayPal and I've been used by the hacker for criminal activities like moving funds from one account to another setting up false bank accounts to transfer money into and the more dangerous thing is that it installs a backdoor on a computer system by installing a backdoor on a computer system the hacker pretty much has complete access to the victims computer as we will see in this course.

Best and Easiest way to uninstall Trojan, Malware, Virus, Spyware on an Android Device

The best way to uninstall Trojan, Malware, Virus, Spyware from an Android device let's say your phone has a bunch of malware apps installed on it or maybe your friend came to you and he really just doesn't know what he's doing he installed just about every app he could find now his phone is loaded up with nothing but malware well rather than fighting through all that sluggishness that malware would cause in that instance the first thing you should probably try is to boot into safe mode now to do that for most devices nowadays all you got to do is long press the power off entry and the power menu then press ok on this reboot to safe mode pop up but let's say for instance that the malware is somehow suppressing the power menu you just can't get the power menu to come up right that would be the case if you got one of those FBI $500 ransomware viruses on your phone somehow well in that case you'll have to force a reboot or perform a hard reset rather to do that with most phones you just press and hold and continue to press and hold the power button for about 10 seconds while you're holding it down it'll eventually just force a reboot that also may require that you press this volume down button and some devices like newer Samsung but while it's rebooting now you want to press and hold both power I mean both volume buttons at the same time and just keep holding those volume buttons down while it does its thing during boot up and eventually you should see this little safe mode badge at the bottom of the screen what safe mode really is is just Android without any third-party apps so that includes malware which means that now your phone is not going to be running super slow because of all the malware and if you had to rant similar thing like that FBI virus I was talking about it's not gonna be hijacking your screen anymore so for me are simple enough just head to settings and then of course scroll down and find apps and then the downloaded section you'll find all the apps that have been manually added to your phone just flip through these find anything fishy tap the uninstall button and you'll be free of malware in almost no time but for more course like this be sure to check out other course in .

Conclusion :

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Make your own android trojan from scratch course free download

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