Windows 11 Build 21996.iso Download link


Windows 11 Build 21996.iso Download link

Download link for Windows 11 Build 21996 iso

All About Windows 11 Build 21996 

This is the first build of windows 11 that's been leaked at least um so yeah this is essentially a brand new version of windows microsoft has yet to announce this they are planning to announce it next week we believe unfortunately for them the the surprise has been spoiled because somebody leaked a build early and that's what this is so let's take a look at windows 11 uh and what's changed now to be clear this is not a final build of windows 11 there's still more stuff to come uh but this does give us an early look at the new starts and taskbar experiences and some other some of the other ui changes that they've been working on internally but it doesn't give us a look at all of it there's still stuff missing uh there's still some old ui elements like this volume rocker here which is still from windows 8 that's yet to be updated but as i said this is uh sort of a first look really at the start menu and some of the other minor ui changes that they've been working on for windows 11. uh so yes this is the brand new start menu it's now centered just like windows 10 x live titles are gone and in their place uh is a grid of icons these are your pinned apps you can go into your all laps list up here and pin whichever one you like so if i want to pin say groove music i can right click pin to start and that will now pin into the second page since i already have a first page full of apps down here and if i want to move that to the top i can do so and now that is up at the very top there pretty nice uh below that is our recommended area which is essentially timeline but much more useful it shows you your recently installed apps as well as recently open documents in microsoft office um and i think recently opened photos as well uh so yeah here we are is the recommended page and you can see here that i have my onenote here i have a word document and our recently installed apps if i click on more you'll see that that just gives me an even longer list of stuff that i've recently opened which is super nice there's a brand new app here called get started which i think we just saw in the recommended page here this doesn't really do anything right now i don't think but um i think it's supposed to walk you through the new windows 11 ux even though that's the windows 10 ux let's press get started it's telling us all about our new files and yes here you can see that there is a get the update button as i said this isn't final microsoft still has more stuff to add here so when this button is ready i'm sure when you click on it it will take you to windows updates where you'll be able to get the latest bits as well as the latest user experience changes and whatnot and there yeah we're all set so that's that's the get started app on windows 11 which i don't think is final a lot of that imagery was old but you get the points uh you may have also noticed it app windows are now rounded they have round corners and they look really nice and also the animations involved with just minimizing and maximizing apps are much nicer if i minimize the zapper you'll see that the animation looks nice if i maximize it you'll see that um the animations improve there as well it's a lot more fluid now much more smoother which is super nice and also the animation involved in snapping is also uh much improved as well which is super cool there's also a new snapping assist tool for cursors so if we sort of hover over the maximize button here you'll see this drop down menu which gives you a different a bunch of different grids so i can say i want to snap this app to that side and then i can open up a different app here such as the store and i can snap that on that side so it's just the same thing as essentially using your cursor to drag it to the edge of the screen but now you no longer have to do that you can just hover over the window controls and snap wherever you'd like which is super cool oh we should also probably talk about the taskbar the taskbar is essentially brand new although this system tray is still the old system tray i assume they're going to update this um it looks really out of place with the rest of the windows 11 ux but as of right now what we really want to talk about is the is the centered taskbar ux down here which is as i said now centered you can customize it so if we press on taskbar settings here we can show and hide all of the system buttons here which includes search task view and widgets which we'll get to in a second but the big deal to me is that you can now finally finally turn off the show desktop button this little line down here in the bottom right hand corner of the taskbar that's been there for many many years now i think as early as windows 7 if not before that and you've never been able to disable it even if you never used the feature but now you finally can and all that does is get rid of that line and make the taskbar system tray look much cleaner which is super fun uh of course uh the taskbar is centered but you can still left align it if that's something you prefer by pressing that's there and now the start button as well as the search y and whatnot will show up on the left just like old versions of windows if that's what you prefer we also have a new search ui which is kind of new that microsoft sort of tested this a little while ago uh by a little i mean a couple of years ago they never shipped it but now it's here on windows 11 and this is what it looks like i think it looks quite nice if i search for an app for search for windows for example you'll see that i get all of my sort of apps here my best matches settings and of course searching the web not too different from the windows 10 search ux but still different enough i think this looks really nice then we have task view which is brand new uh with virtual desktops of course um timeline is gone it's no longer in task view as i mentioned it's sort of now in the start menu under this recommended tab which i think works much better and then we have this new widgets button so this is essentially the news and interest thing that microsoft rolled out a few months ago but on windows 11. it has the time at the top here as well as our weather finances sports top stories and all of that good stuff if we go up here you can see we can manage our primary dashboard interests and so on and so forth so yes microsoft is essentially just rebranding news and interests as widgets on windows 11 and this is what that looks like of course since this is windows it supports dark mode if we go into themes here and enable uh the dark version of the windows theme you get the familiar looking windows dark theme of the dark start menu and whatnot and i think this looks really nice uh microsoft has also rounded off the corners on context menus so these look quite nice now of course they support the light theme as well but this is what they look like in dark theme and that is the case inside file explorer as well microsoft has also updated a whole bunch of sounds on windows 11 most of which are sort of new slash ported from windows 10x so we'll play a couple of them for you now and there you have it so there's also some touch improvements i filmed this bit separately because it makes more sense to be able to see my hands as i interact with the display so i'll cut to that now microsoft has also improved touch interaction on windows 11. there's now a new gesture layout that allows you to manipulate windows with three or four fingers so i can use three or four fingers to swipe this app down or i can bring it back and then i can even open task view with that same ui and if i have multiple desktops open like so i can use four fingers to touch and hold and then swipe between my virtual desktops which is quite nice in addition to that microsoft has also added a bunch of subtle animations that sort of make it easier to manipulate windows with touch for example if i were to grab the title bar here you'll see that um it sort of shrinks in to let me know that i've i have in fact grabbed it and then of course you can uh full screen and stuff just like that but in addition to that microsoft has also made i think they've made hitboxes bigger for resizing the actual windows so i can sort of touch really far out and the window will grab onto my finger anyway so that's that's a nice change as well all of this just makes using touch on windows 11 much nicer it's also worth mentioning that the actual dedicated tablet mode is gone on windows 11. there's no button for it in the action center here microsoft i think just expects you to use touch in the desktop environment because of the improvements they've made to things like the animations of course you can still do things like snapping so if i snap two apps side by side here i should be able to snap just like that and also sort of drag these along just like i would in tablet mode anyway microsoft has also updated the windows ink workspace on windows 11. it's now fully customizable which means i can actually pin any um creative app i want or in fact any app i want but i feel like you'd want to pin apps that utilize the pen so you can see i can choose any app i like here and i've already pinned a few of them i pinned one note paint and the snipping tool if i click on one of those that will obviously take me into paint and then i can start drawing as you would expect so that is pretty nice a couple more things swiping in from the left now opens the widgets view rather than um task view the right still opens action center of course but more importantly the animation involved when rotating the display is much smoother on windows 11. it's almost ipad-like not quite but it's definitely much better than what it was like on windows 10 which is super nice that's that let's also microsoft has also introduced a brand new out of box experience which was in a previous build a while ago but it's much more polished now and there's like a new Tutorial that plays at the beginning and stuff so i'll cut to that now so yes here is the out of box experience this is the setup process you go through when unboxing and setting up a new pc with windows 11 pre-installed so we choose our language as per usual and then keyboard layouts then we will be asked to connect to a wi-fi network which we can do now then it will check for updates then of course we have to agree to the license agreement which we all have to read word for word of course and then we should be asked to log in so now we're being asked to sign in with a microsoft account uh there doesn't appear to be an option to sign in locally i'm sure if you disconnect from the internet that will give you a local account option but as of right now that does not there doesn't appear to be a way to sign in with a local account only in microsoft accounts so we'll do that now let's do our pin here so this is a new page here we have an option to restore from one drive so this will restore settings and preferences sync onedrive files and select apps to install from this device i don't know what this backup is so i'll select it but you can also set up as a new device down here so let's do that and i well there you go that's it i guess there's no other buttons you need to press in the restore process it will just do it all for you we can also customize our experience which i believe this is new to windows 11 so depending on which pc you've bought you may want it for gaming you may want it for school work you may be using it for business reasons whatever so here we are going to be playing some games we're going to be doing some school work and we're going to be creating some ideas using whatever so press x accept i don't really know what that does uh but i guess we'll see in a second and now we can choose to store files on one drive automatically or only on this device let's store on one drive why not now let's see what's new from windows and i think that's basically it for the out-of-box experience this should take us to the desktop now uh this ui is also slightly improved um and by improved i mean they've got a sort of nicer animation behind the text which will show up in just a second um here there it is kind of like the ps2 background the ps2 sort of dashboard background whatever they used to call that so yeah that's basically it this will take us to the windows 11 desktop ux and then to everything you've already seen so that's pretty cool so there you have it that's a quick look at windows 11. like i said this is not final there's still more stuff that microsoft is likely going to unveil at their events next week so tune into that this isn't everything uh but yeah that's basically everything for this build specifically 21996 .

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Windows 11 Build 21996.iso Download link

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