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This is the main form of windows 11 that has been spilled basically um no doubt this is basically a shiny new variant of windows microsoft presently can't seem to declare this they are wanting to report it one week from now we accept tragically for them the unexpected has been ruined in light of the fact that someone released a form early and that is the very thing that this is so we should investigate windows 11 uh and what's changed now to be clear this is definitely not a last form of windows 11 there's even more stuff to come uh however this gives us an early gander at the new beginnings and taskbar encounters and some other a portion of the other ui changes that they've been dealing with inside yet it doesn't give us a glance by any means of it there's actually stuff missing uh there's still some old ui components like this volume rocker here which is still from windows 8 that is yet to be refreshed yet as I said this is uh kind of a first take a gander at the beginning menu and a portion of the other minor ui changes that they've been chipping away at for windows 11. uh so yes this is the pristine beginning menu it's presently focused very much like windows 10 x live titles are gone and in their place uh is a network of symbols these are your stuck applications you can go into your all laps list up here and pin whichever one you like so to stick say groove music I can right snap pin to begin and that will currently stick into the second page since I as of now have a first page loaded with applications down here and to move that to the top I can do so and now that is up at the exceptionally top there pretty pleasant uh underneath that is our suggested region which is basically timetable however considerably more helpful it shows you your as of late introduced applications as well as of late open records in microsoft office um and I think as of late opened photographs too uh indeed here we are is the suggested page and you can see here that I have my onenote here I have a word report and our as of late introduced applications assuming I click on more you'll see that that simply provides me with a significantly longer rundown of stuff that i've as of late opened which is really decent there's a spic and span application here called get everything rolling which I think we just saw in the suggested page here this doesn't actually do anything right now I don't think yet um I thoroughly consider it should walk you the new windows 11 ux despite the fact that that is the windows 10 ux how about we press get everything rolling it's filling us in regarding our new records and yes here you can see that there is a get the update button as I said this isn't last microsoft still has more stuff to add here so when this button is prepared i'm certain when you click on it will take you to windows refreshes where you'll have the option to get the most recent pieces along with the most recent client experience changes and so forth and there definitely we as a whole are set that to the point's that is the get everything rolling application on windows 11 which I don't believe is last a ton of that symbolism was old yet you get the focuses uh you might have likewise seen it application windows are currently adjusted they have round corners and they look truly decent and furthermore the activitys engaged with limiting and boosting applications are a lot more pleasant on the off chance that I limit the critic you'll see that the movement looks pleasant on the off chance that I expand it you'll see that um the activitys further develop there too it's much more liquid now substantially more smoother which is really great and furthermore the liveliness associated with snapping is uh much improved too which is really cool there's likewise a new snapping help instrument for cursors so in the event that we kind of drift over the boost button here you'll see this drop down menu which provides you with an alternate a lot of various frameworks so I can say I need to snap this application to that side and afterward I can open up an alternate application here, for example, the store and I can snap that on that side so it's exactly the same thing as basically utilizing your cursor to drag it to the edge of the screen yet presently you never again need to do that you can float over the window controls and snap any place you'd like which is really cool gracious we ought to likewise presumably discuss the taskbar the taskbar is basically fresh out of the plastic new albeit this framework plate is as yet the old framework plate I accept at least for now that they will refresh this um it peers truly awkward with the other windows 11 ux yet as of right now what we truly need to discuss is the will be the focused taskbar ux down here which is as I said now focused you can modify it so on the off chance that we press on taskbar settings here we can show and conceal all of the framework buttons here which incorporates search task view and gadgets which we'll get to in a moment yet the serious deal to me is that you can now at last at last mood killer the show work area button this little line down here in the base right hand corner of the taskbar that has been there for the vast majority numerous years now I think as soon as windows 7 while perhaps not before that and you've always been unable to debilitate it regardless of whether you never utilized the component yet presently you at last can and all that does is dispose of that line and make the taskbar framework plate look a lot of cleaner which is really fun uh obviously uh the taskbar is focused yet you can in any case left adjust it on the off chance that that is something you like by squeezing that is there and presently the beginning button as well as the pursuit y and so forth will appear on the left very much like old variants of windows in the event that that is what you favor we likewise have another hunt ui which is somewhat new that microsoft kind of tried this a short time prior uh by a little I mean a long time back they never transported it yet presently it's here on windows 11 and this is what it resembles I think it looks very decent assuming I look for an application for look for windows for instance you'll see that I get all of my kind of applications here my best matches settings and obviously looking through the web not excessively unique in relation to the windows 10 hunt ux yet unique enough I think this looks truly decent then we have task view which is shiny new uh with virtual work areas obviously um timetable is gone it's as of now not in that frame of mind as I referenced it's kind of now in the beginning menu under this suggested tab which I think works much better and afterward we have this new gadgets button so this is basically the information and interest thing that microsoft carried out a couple of months prior yet on windows 11. it has the opportunity at the top here as well as our weather conditions funds sports popular narratives and the entirety of that great stuff on the off chance that we go up here you can see we can deal with our essential dashboard interests et cetera so yes microsoft is basically rebranding news and interests as gadgets on windows 11 and this is what that resembles obviously since this is windows it upholds dull mode assuming that we go into subjects here and empower uh the dim variant of the windows subject you get the natural looking windows dim subject of the dim beginning menu and so forth and I think this looks truly pleasant uh microsoft has likewise adjusted the corners on setting menus so these look very decent now obviously they support the light topic too yet this is what they resemble in dim topic and that is the situation inside document voyager too microsoft has likewise refreshed an entire bundle of sounds on windows 11 the majority of which are somewhat new cut ported from windows 10x so we'll play two or three them for you now and that's basically it so there's likewise some touch enhancements I shot this piece independently on the grounds that it checks out to have the option to see my hands as I communicate with the presentation so i'll slice to that now microsoft has additionally further developed touch cooperation on windows 11. there's currently another signal design that permits you to control windows with three or four fingers so I can utilize three or four fingers to swipe this application down or I can bring it back and afterward I could open errand view with that equivalent ui and assuming I have numerous work areas open like so I can utilize four fingers to contact and hold and afterward swipe between my virtual work areas which is very pleasant notwithstanding that microsoft has likewise added a lot of unpretentious livelinesss that kind of make it simpler to control windows with contact for instance if I somehow happened to snatch the title bar here you'll see that um it kind of psychologists in to tell me that i've I have as a matter of fact got it and afterward obviously you can uh full screen and stuff very much like that however notwithstanding that microsoft has likewise made I think they've made hitboxes greater for resizing the genuine windows so I can kind of touch truly out of sight the window will take hold of my finger at any rate so that is that is a decent change too each of this makes utilizing address windows 11 a lot more pleasant it's likewise worth focusing on that the real devoted tablet mode is gone on windows 11. there's no button for it in the activity community here microsoft I think simply anticipates that you should involve contact in the work area climate due to the upgrades they've made to things like the movements obviously you can in any case do things like snapping so assuming I snap two applications next to each other here I ought to have the option to snap very much like that and furthermore kind of drag these along very much like I would in tablet mode at any rate microsoft has additionally refreshed the windows ink work area on windows 11. it's currently completely adjustable which implies I can really stick any um inventive application I need or as a matter of fact any application I need however I feel like you'd need to stick applications that use the pen so you can see I can pick any application I like here and i've proactively stuck a couple of them I stuck one note paint and the cutting device assuming that I click on one of those that will clearly bring me into paint and afterward I can begin drawing as you would expect so that is decent a couple more things swiping in from the left presently opens the gadgets view as opposed to um task view the right actually opens activity focus obviously yet more critically the liveliness included while pivoting the presentation is a lot of smoother on windows 11. it's nearly ipad-like not exactly however it's certainly obviously superior to what it resembled on windows 10 which is really decent that is that we should likewise microsoft has likewise presented a pristine out of box experience which was in a past form some time prior yet it's substantially more cleaned now and there resembles another Instructional exercise that plays toward the start an

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Windows 11 Build 21996.iso Download link